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The 5 most common mistakes when dieting

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  • Are you looking to lose weight? Learn what habits to avoid. 
  • It’s not just about cutting calories.
  • Learn about the 5 most common mistakes when dieting.

These are the most common mistakes when dieting! If you’re looking to lose weight, surely you know that cutting calories is one of the main ways to achieve your goal. Whether it’s for looks or health, losing weight requires discipline.

In addition to cutting calories, it is important to avoid certain habits that could significantly derail you. From physiological to psychological factors, this is what experts recommend you avoid.

5. Most common mistakes when dieting: Not drinking enough water

Most common mistakes when dieting

One of the most common mistakes when dieting or starting a new eating plan is neglecting to drink enough water. Everyone’s needs are different based on a variety of factors, but staying hydrated is essential for radiant skin, a faster metabolism and to help you feel fuller longer.

Drinking water is, in addition to being healthy, a key to appetite control and nutrient absorption. Hydration also supports kidney function and raises energy levels, which helps you work out harder.

4. Skipping meals

skip meals

Skipping meals is a common mistake when dieting because many people think just cutting calories will make you lose weight. However, completely avoiding certain foods or starting a highly restrictive regimen, as well as skipping meals, isn’t healthy physically or mentally.

It has been proven that skipping meals can lead to overeating later or choosing foods that are higher in fat and calories. This habit can also cause imbalances in blood sugar levels, causing you to crave carbs.

3. Most common mistakes when dieting: Stressing out

most common mistakes when dieting

Being stressed is a common mistake when dieting, especially if restricting your food is making you feel worse. Stress can cause a hormonal imbalance that may, among other things, considerably increase your appetite or likelihood to gain belly fat.

Stress levels may also lead to emotional eating and imbalanced sleep patterns, which consequently affects food metabolism and fat storage. Breathing exercises, a balanced diet and physical activity could be the answer to reducing stress.

2. Not getting enough sleep


Lack of sleep is a common mistake that has the potential to make it harder to shed pounds. It increases stress and lowers your energy levels, making it harder to work out.

Irregular sleep patterns also often cause hormonal imbalances and increase the risk of choosing sugary foods due to higher cortisol levels in the blood.

1. Setting unrealistic goals

Lose weight


Setting unrealistic goals is one of the most common reasons people don’t follow through on their weight loss plans. Most nutrition experts generally recommend gradually losing between one and two pounds per week by burning or cutting about 500 – 1,000 calories through reduced food consumption and physical activity.

Weight loss is a gradual process involving many factors. For this reason, it’s ideal to work with your doctor or a nutritionist who can help you make a plan that works for you.

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