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Welcome to Local Mundo, where you will find the latest news from the states of California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana, New York and Georgia.


Massive winter storm could dump more than 10 feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada

Two men arrested for at least 70 retail thefts in San José

Man convicted of beheading his son’s mother with a sword

Jack in the Box employee was stabbed outside the restaurant


Christin Leann Martínez is one of the victims of the storms in Texas (PHOTOS)

Death toll rises to 8 after severe storms hit the Houston area (PHOTOS)

Who shot and killed César Herrera Ávalos?

San Antonio dad kills neighbor for allegedly exposing himself to children


Federal court temporarily blocks key provision of Florida anti-immigrant law

Florida man involved in deadly crash after day drinking on a date

Florida mom accused of using her daughter to steal a Nintendo

Truck driver driver responsible for fatal accident that killed Mexican migrants smoked marijuana oil

New York

New York City will suspend ‘right to shelter’ for some migrants after 30 days

Venezuelan migrant stabbed to death in New York City shelter

How many people died in the September 11 attacks?

New York offers free flights to immigrants who want to leave the city


Chronicle: Popular Atlanta Santa Claus is gone forever

Buckhead nightclub shooting leaves at least 2 dead and 4 injured

Red Lobster closes Georgia locations amid bankruptcy filing

Chronicle: Georgia man sentenced to 50 years for raping a child


Arizona governor vetoes bill that would allow police to arrest undocumented immigrants

Arizona bill would make it legal to shoot and kill migrants

Arizona man convicted of stabbing his preganant wife to death in 2012

Horrible tragedy! 5 children die in house fire in Arizona

North Carolina