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San Diego County declares humanitarian crisis due to immigrant drop-offs

Hispanic girl receives pepper spray in the face for asking for free food (VIDEO)

Suspect in Pride flag killing had a history of homophobia

Autopsy of Luis Romero, the prisoner who beheaded Jaime Osuna


El Paso Walmart shooter ordered to pay $5 million to families of victims

Failed border policies: Immigrants from Venezuela and Guatemala risk crossing the dangerous Rio Grande

Mónica Alcántar was found dead under strange circumstances (PHOTOS)

Court order allows floating barrier between Texas and Mexico to remain for now


Florida: Residents reject policies against the LGBTQ community

Teen mom tries to hire a hitman to kill her 3-year-old son

Driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants are no longer valid in Florida

José Guajardo was shot to death in front of his mother and 1-year-old son

New York

Report: The Average Cost to Travel to 5 Popular Cities Right Now

Heartbreaking stories from 9/11 survivors

The last photo of the Twin Towers before the tragedy

Heartbreaking audios: Calls from the hijacked planes on 9/11


Another inmate dies at the jail where Trump surrendered in Fulton County

Rabid beaver bites Georgia girl and her father takes extreme measures to protect her

Owners of Mexican restaurants charged with labor trafficking in Georgia

2 killed in shooting at Georgia motorcycle club event


Janet Reyes is killed after being hit by a stolen car

Manuel Long arrested for the murder of his friend Jaime Torres

Arizona man goes viral on TikTok for assaulting Latina construction worker

Gunfight in border town! Two people killed and five injured in Yuma, Arizona