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Daniel Suárez: Triumph and Latin pride in NASCAR

NASCAR and Coca-Cola, 25 years savoring victory

Daniel Suárez: Routines of a champion

Daniel Suárez: Inspiration in NASCAR for children and youth

Daniel Suárez: A Champion On and Off the Court

Daniel Suárez and his story of improvement with Coca-Cola

A Tribute to Hispanic Heritage: Car Number 99 of Daniel Suárez’s Aguas Frescas

Family, unity and a great Hispanic celebration: A ‘Daniel’s Amigos’ that will go down in history

Daniel’s Amigos: An exciting encounter


Daniel Suárez: Latino Pride

Coca-Cola in NASCAR: 25 years tasting Victory

Beliefs and rituals of a champion before the race

The Inspiration for Future Generations

Challenges and Difficulties of a NASCAR Champion

A champion spark

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage: Daniel Suárez's Aguas Frescas Car #99

Daniel Suárez and Coca-Cola: Celebrating Diversity in NASCAR

Daniel Suárez was full of surprises at the "Daniel's Amigos" event