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Welcome to the Mundo Clima portal, the place where you will find out about the most relevant climatic events in the world and in your area so that you are always prepared to face natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes and storms.

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MORE STORMS! Terrible forecast for the United States this week

Weather: El Niño and La Niña wreak havoc in the Atlantic (PHOTOS)

More storms forecast in Texas through Friday

Another powerful storm system will sweep across the country this week

Two storms threaten more than 40 million in the US

More winter storms and rain expected in California

Bomb cyclone threatens California

Winter storm Hudson leaves 3 dead in California and authorities say the worst is yet to come

At least 27 dead after a powerful winter storm hit the United States

Storm alert issued for bomb cyclone that will bring ‘life-threatening’ cold to the US

A polar vortex is bearing down on Texas

Arctic air mass could ruin Christmas for millions in the US

Forecasters warn of another cold snap for Christmas

Extremely cold air from Siberia will bring freezing temps before Christmas

Authorities report fatalities and damage caused by tornadoes in the US

Warning of massive storm that could bring tornadoes in the US

A ‘white Christmas’ is forecast for various parts of the US

Storms approaching California could bring heavy snowfall

They issue a warning of a giant storm on Thanksgiving Day

Winter storm warning for Thanksgiving in New York

Winter storm in New York leaves three dead (PHOTOS)

Shocking images of the historic snowfall that hit New York

First snow of the season will affect at least 10 US states

The US could face 26 named winter storms this year

Tropical Storm Nicole gains strength and threatens the Bahamas, Florida and Georgia

Florida issues a state of emergency for Tropical Storm Nicole and warns about the closure of attractions

Images of deadly tornadoes that left several victims across 3 states

Tropical storm Lisa advances towards the coasts of Central America

Dangerous Tropical Storm Lisa forms and strengthens in the Caribbean

Nine 5.9 earthquakes were in Peru in one day

Experts say Halloween will be a cold and rainy night

70 million people under alert for cold snap this week in the US

At least 28 dead after Hurricane Julia passes through Central America

Tropical Storm Julia hits Nicaragua and El Salvador with torrential rains

Image of the Virgin of Guadalupe remained intact after Hurricane Ian’s devastation

Alert activated in nine states in Mexico for Hurricane Orlene