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Mundo Weather

Report warns of extreme heat in Texas and Florida in the coming years

Heat alert issued for more than 7 million residents of California

Farmers’ Almanac forecasts extreme winter for much of US

Kentucky flood death toll rises to 37

Heat wave causes at least 14 possible deaths in Oregon

Historic rains cause flash floods and lead to multiple rescues and chaos in the US

Heat wave to hit the US Pacific Northwest for several days

Lightning strikes moving truck on Florida highway (Video)

17 new storms predicted in the US for this year’s hurricane season

Triple-digit temperatures forecast in the US

Heat wave alert issued for 62 million people in 20 states

Tropical Storm Bonnie could become a hurricane

Alert: Dangerous weather predicted for the summer of 2022

Weather alert: Severe storms and a heat dome bring scorching temperatures

Warning of severe storms and flash flooding due to cold front in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic

Heat wave brings a new round of dangerous temperatures for millions in the US this week

Millions warned about excessive heat on Father’s Day weekend

Tropical storm Blas could become a hurricane in southern Mexico

An extreme heat wave will hit much of the US, including areas where thousands have lost power

The second cyclone of the season confirmed and Mhoni Vidente’s predictions are coming true

Historic Yellowstone floods wash away roads and bridges, residents evacuated

Intense heat will hit parts of the United States this week

Heavy rain and flooding hits Miami, Florida

4 people dead after Hurricane Agatha rips through Oaxaca

Landslides and floods kill dozens in Brazil

Terror in Mexico: 5.8 magnitude earthquake shakes Oaxaca

Hurricane Season! NOAA predicts above average hurricane season in the Atlantic this year

Severe weather, flooding and high winds could occur today

HEAT WAVE! Record temperature arriving this weekend

New evacuation zones for more than 48,000 people in the US this hurricane season

Wildfire burns dozens of houses and authorities say what’s coming next

HEAT DOME! A heat wave will crush the US for six days

More than 75 million US residents under threat of winter storm Kenan

Powerful typhoon kills at least three in the Philippines

Grace puts thousands at risk in Mexico and AMLO makes a drastic decision as a new threat appears

Tornado Watch for Multiple Counties in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan