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Who is Demi Lovato’s new boyfriend?

Demi Lovato surprises the world. The singer was photographed in New York with her partner. But, who is the singer's…

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Francisca Despierta América bebé Gennaro

Francisca talks about her terrifying experience flying with her baby (VIDEO)

Alerta calor Georgia

Report warns of extreme heat in Texas and Florida in the coming years

Heat alert issued for more than 7 million residents of California

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8 Costco items to make easy school lunches


Ford recalls 65,000 Mavericks over airbag malfunction


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Polio virus detected in New York City sewage


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This is the new viral scam on WhatsApp — don’t fall for it!


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Movin’ on up: 12 ways kids can get ahead before graduating high school

Latina Mom Archive

Avoiding Dental Debt: 5 Habits your Family Must Form in Order to Dodge a Lifetime of Expensive Dental Visits.

Dental Assistance Available: Dental Grants that a Latina Mother Should Know


Drinks featuring tequila as the main attraction

Make a weekend meal for six people for under $6


Psychic Farath Coronel is shot in Mexico

Antonella Pilar, the Daughter of Nostradamus, predicts a new pandemic

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Prayer to ask the Archangel Gabriel for a miracle

The Sound of Success: Ideas in Music for Concentration and Productivity


Empowering Women: 5 Reasons why Nely Galán’s Book, SELF MADE, Is a Must-Read

5 Best Autobiographies by Athletes to Inspire Your Inner Warrior

True Crime

Paul Durousseau: The Jacksonville Strangler

Randall Woodfield: The Interstate 5 Killer