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Unrecognizable? Alicia Machado surprises everyone with a new hair cut and plunging neckline (VIDEO)

Alicia Machado debuts a shocking new look. With short, darker hair and a heart-stopping neckline, the Venezuelan beauty set the…

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Storms approaching California could bring heavy snowfall

They issue a warning of a giant storm on Thanksgiving Day

Nuevos cheques mensuales de $ 1,200 disponibles hasta diciembre

Applications for new $1,200 monthly checks are due December 15

Energy rebates between $20 and $900 for millions of Americans


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iPhone charger recall due to serious risk of electric shock and fire

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Latina Mom Archive

Avoiding Dental Debt: 5 Habits your Family Must Form in Order to Dodge a Lifetime of Expensive Dental Visits.

Dental Assistance Available: Dental Grants that a Latina Mother Should Know


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4 typical Qatari dishes


Mhoni Vidente shares her predictions for the Age of Sagittarius

Vieira Vidente announces her predictions for December


Right to Write: Why You Should be Thinking About Writing a Book

arcángel gabriel

Prayer to ask the Archangel Gabriel for a miracle


5 Things You May Not Know About Hans Christian Andersen

Four of the best books to read to children

True Crime

Charles Manson: Leader of the Manson family

Richard Francis Cottingham: The Torso Killer