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Bizarre: Pastor says he can make people lose weight through prayer

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  • Pastor Esteban Acosta says he can make his parishioners lose weight.
  • He says they can achieve their goal through prayer.
  • The video of his secret became popular on social media.

THE SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS? On social media, a pastor is claiming he has a «fast» and «effective» way for people to lose weight. According to Esteban Acosta, his prayers can help people lose weight after the holidays.

The video has gone viral on social media due to the odd way he demonstrates the results of his prayers on various people. In the clip, it is shown how people are called to show how his method works.


Photo: TikTok

Colombian pastor, Esteban Acosta, has become a popular personality on platforms like TikTok after revealing the secret to losing weight quickly and painlessly. On his account Pastor Esteban posted a sample of one of his rituals where he asked people «with a few extra pounds» to come on stage and be part of the miracle.

«People who are chubby come to hide themselves,» explained Esteban Acosta (@apostolestebanacosta) on TikTok. In the video, he is surrounded by people who hope to be part of the miracle. One of the first ones to go on stage is a woman wearing a pink crop top and skinny jeans, who volunteered to be part of the prayers.

Liposculpture with prayer?

A liposculpture with prayer?
Photo: TikTok

In the TikTok video, the pastor said that if the woman believes, she will lose weight. Likewise, he stressed that God will make it possible for her to lose two sizes and if she has faith in her requests, they will be able to make her wish come true.

«Do you really think that God can lower you two sizes?» The pastor asked the woman before starting the ritual, according to «Yes,» the young woman answers confidently. “Are you sure?” the pastor asks again, and she says yes again. «To him who believes, everything is possible,» said the pastor after making it known that he will help her lose weight.

What is the prayer?

Pastor prayers lose weight: How is the prayer?
Photo: TikTok

While the pastor is pointing at the young woman, he asks another woman to help her with the request to lose weight. The volunteer raises her hands and asks with faith, while they perform a ritual.

«In the name of Jesus, I pray that this woman will lose two sizes,» the pastor said, asking the woman to close her eyes as he began, according to TN. Another woman held the volunteer’s stomach, the pastor gave her a couple of blows to her belly as he made the request to Jesus. Filed Under: Pastor Prayers Lose Weight

«I was going to do lipo»

Pastor prayers lose weight: "I was going to do lipo"
Photo: TikTok

The video shows how the young woman finishes making her plea and the woman who helped the pastor followed his instructions to put her hand in the young woman’s pants where it can be seen that they are looser. People commented on the post saying they «want that miracle» to lose weight without exercise. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“I was going to get lipo, but now I’m going to go with that pastor to lose a few sizes…” “Good time! I was about to pay for the gym.” “I also want that miracle.” “Marta! It is no longer necessary to go out to exercise.» Filed Under: Pastor Prayers Lose Weight

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