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Dania Méndez: The whole truth about what she experienced on ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ (PHOTOS)

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  • The former La Casa de los Famosos contestant tells all!
  • Dania Méndez talks about everything she experienced on the reality show.
  • She opens up about her «relationship» with Arturo Carmona and Cara de Sapato.

Dania Méndez tells all. Former La Casa de los Famosos contestant, Dania Méndez, was involved in many controversies during her time on the popular Telemundo reality show. She even got into big trouble after visiting Big Brother Brazil.

Everyone was talking about what happened between her and Cara de Sapato. She accused him of sexual assault after they had been drinking. Now Dania has decided to reveal all the details of what happened in the house.

Dania Méndez talks about the Big Brother Brazil controversy

PHOTO: Instagram

In an exclusive interview with People en Español, Dania talked about her experience on Big Brother Brazil and all the controversy that occurred with Sapato.

“I never imagined that going to Brazil would have such an impact in all aspects. The support, the affection that I received, all those signs of support for me, for the woman, for the harassment,” she revealed. «Many people judged me and feel they have the right to judge a young, free and fun woman, but at the end of the day I just went to have fun and have a good time.»

Although she was not the winner, Dania was one of the most popular of season 3

PHOTO: Instagram

Although the Mexican influencer didn’t even make it to the finale of the show, she was one of the most popular houseguests. She received much love and support from the public after her traumatic visit to Big Brother. She also gained Instagram followers.

“This experience for me meant many things, mainly in my career for me it is a second step to be able to open a little more the panorama in what I like to do. It is a unique experience of a lot of learning that we will not go through again in our lives, so I take the best of it,” she told People.

She talks about the «romance» with Arturo Carmona

Dania Mendez the whole truth
PHOTO: Instagram

Dania also talked about Arturo Carmona, the Mexican actor who confessed his love to her on the show. “I keep the good things of that game, with the best of my teammates, and the bad stays there. My good or bad strategies stayed there. I am happy with who I am and what I did.”

“I’m leaving with the most beautiful of Arturo, who was a chivalrous man, an attentive man, and outside and fate and time will tell. He’s focused on his family, on his career and me too,» she said about the Mexican actor, adding: «We’re not in a relationship, we are partners.»

She talks about what happened with Sapato

Dania Mendez the whole truth
PHOTO: Instagram

Dania said that she had no idea of ​​the impact of the controversy on Big Brother Brazil. «Obviously regretting the situation, everything that happened, but always aware that I can defend myself and I can defend my actions, but I cannot defend the actions of someone else, taking responsibility for myself and I cannot take responsibility for others,» Dania Méndez said.

At one point she commented that she was going to look for him because she «felt attached» to him, and this is what she said about that. “I was thinking of doing it. Obviously I did not know all the impact that had happened outside,” she revealed. «I didn’t know if the fact of looking for him was going to do him good or if it was going to affect him, so I preferred that this happens when it has to happen,» Dania Méndez told People en Español.

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