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4 reasons why you should vaccinate your children

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  • The vaccination rate for children has fallen dramatically in recent years.
  • This means there’s a higher chance of catching diseases we thought were eradicated.
  • Find out why the medical community recommends vaccinating children.

In the United States, the vaccination rate varies widely depending on where you live. In some states, only 39% of children have received the first doses of vaccines recommended by the CDC, while in other states the percentage is 100%.

One of the most common questions that parents may have regarding this topic is: “Why vaccinate children?” The answer given by health authorities will show you how important it is to get your kids vaccinated on time and follow doctors’ recommendations.

4. Diseases are less deadly

A child who complied with the vaccination process

Thanks to vaccines, many of the diseases that were fatal in past centuries no longer pose a serious threat to the health or survival of children. However, choosing not to vaccinate children could mean a resurgence or greater severity of diseases such as chicken pox or polio.

When children receive the complete recommended vaccination schedule according to their age, the chances of surviving a serious case of certain diseases increase. In addition, suffering side effects that harm the quality of life not only during their childhood, but during their adulthood, are lowered.

3. Vaccinating children protects everyone

Little girl in the process of vaccination with a doctor

If you wonder why it is a good idea to vaccinate children, you should know that immunizations not only protect the people who receive them, but also those who spend time with them, especially during seasons when diseases like the flu are more prevalent.

Vaccinations prevent outbreaks of certain diseases and help protect the most vulnerable people. For instance, infants and young children, as well as people whose immune system is weaker due to diseases such as cancer, arthritis or lupus.

2. Vaccines prevent the spread of diseases


One of the main reasons that the medical community gives for promoting vaccination in children and adults is that immunizations are a community responsibility that protect society as a whole.

Most disease outbreaks can be prevented by getting the correct doses of vaccines recommended by health authorities. In addition, the risk of financial burdens from hospitalizations, treatments and medications is also reduced.

1. Vaccines are safe


Vaccines are safe and effective. This is because, long before the vaccines are administered to the public, they have already gone through a rigorous process in which their effectiveness and possible adverse effects are determined.

In most cases, vaccines cause a momentary discomfort for a day or two after the shot but science is advancing by leaps and bounds and some immunizations can already be taken as a nasal spray. In any case, it is always important to consult a doctor so that he or she can guide you if you have any doubts about vaccinating your children.

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