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Baby name consultant predicts trends for 2023

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Mujer hace sus predicciones sobre los nombres de bebés este 2023
  • Stephanie Coffield is a baby name consultant.
  • She predicts which names will be trending in 2023.
  • She bets on dark, mystical and romantic names.

Stephanie Coffield is a baby name consultant. She is a stay-at-home mom of three who discusses baby names on her TikTok and Instagram accounts. However, for a $50 fee, she will provide parents with a list based on their specifications.

Coffield, 39, lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota where she raises her children and runs her baby name business. With more than 200,000 followers on TikTok, she shares ideas for naming babies, as well as fun facts about the meanings of the names or their popularity in different years.

Baby name consultant predicts trends for 2023

Woman makes her predictions about the names of babies this 2023
PHOTO Instagram

Coffield made her predictions about the most popular types of names for 2023. She believes dark and moody names that can be related to series like Netflix’s Wednesday, could be a hit in the coming year.

“I think romantic names like Argo, Draco, Knight, Raven and Zelda will be popular,” Coffield said. “Even Wednesday, like the series. Mystical names are already doing well,” she added. She also said that names based on the celestial bodies and astronomy, such as Luna and Aurora, could also gain popularity.

Short baby names could be a trend

Stephanie Talks About Baby Names That Could Be Trending

Another trend that Stephanie thinks we could see in the coming year is short names and nicknames that are given as names instead of using the long version. Coffield believes that nicknames will be more popular than the long versions, as in the case of Chris which can be short for Christopher or Christian.

“It is a trend that is already underway. Parents know they’re going to call their kids that anyway, so they don’t bother with full names anymore,” Steph said. Expect to see long names start to go down the popularity ladder.

Initials also mark a trend in baby names

Initials can also set the trend when parents are looking for something out of the ordinary.
PHOTO Shutterstock

According to Stephanie, who follows baby name trends, the letter E and L will be popular initials for names in 2023 since these initials «are always popular».

However, Coffield predicts that letters like U, V, and Y will be popular initials for parents looking for something out of the ordinary for their child’s names. She likes to encourage people to break the norm when it comes to naming because she says, “Why would you want something that’s already everywhere?»

Stephanie Coffield has released a baby name book

Stephanie has released her book "nouns have no gender"

Stephanie recently launched a book on Amazon called Names Don’t Have a Gender, which is divided into different categories such as ‘popular’ or ‘rare’, in addition to including the meaning of each name and its origin. As the title indicates, she doesn’t divide the names by gender.

The book has a score of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. In addition to having positive comments from people who have already purchased the book, there are some glowing reviews like: “The best name book, whether you want to name a baby or a character from your new book.”

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