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International Beer Day: When is it celebrated?

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  • This may be a celebration you don’t want to miss.
  • International Beer Day is just around the corner.
  • International Beer Day is celebrated in the US, Mexico, Argentina and many other countries.

It’s easy to come up with an excuse to kick back and have a couple of drinks, even more so if it is International Beer Day. This refreshing drink will always be popular and the varieties are almost endless.

International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of August, which means that in 2022, it’s on Friday the 5th. So set aside the day to share with friends or family if you are one of those people who plan to pay tribute to this historic drink.

How did International Beer Day come about?

How did International Beer Day come about?

Although we did not find International Beer Day in a history book, the internet agrees it originated at a party. Of course, beer and parties often go hand in hand. And this one in particular arose from an evening in California.

Outlets like El sol de México, Cronista and Agrofy News reported that a group of friends — Jesse Avshalomov, Evan Hamilton, Aaron Araki and Richard Hernández, along with other beer enthusiasts — met in a small bar in Santa Cruz, California, in 2007 to have a good time and, in the end, it was so much fun that the event became popular.

When is International Beer Day celebrated?

When is International Beer Day celebrated?

Since then, International Beer Day became and annual event and today it is celebrated in 207 cities, 50 countries and six continents … that is, all over the world. There are nations that celebrate it on other dates, but since 2012 it was standardized to be the first Friday of August.

The Mexican government indicated that beer is one of the most popular beverages worldwide, and has a wide variety of manufacturing methods, in addition to the fact that its production can also change depending on the ingredients. That is why each country usually has a favorite beer.

What is the goal of this holiday?

Why is the peculiar festivity celebrated?

International Beer Day is a time to meet with friends to enjoy some beverages, celebrate those responsible for making and serving it, and to unite the world in an international beer toast.

Now that you have an excuse to have a few drinks on Friday, maybe you want a topic of conversation. Why not talk about the origin of this delicious drink. It is believed that the Sumerians were the first to make beer and they used this liquid to make offerings to their gods and to perform rituals in their sanctuaries.

A global beverage

a world drink

Over time, beer spread throughout the world, where manufacturers adapted, customized and produced it in different ways. Slowly it became the most consumed beverage on the planet, something that surely has not changed in modern times.

According to the Mexican government, beer was invented by women who were in charge of food in their communities and, after countless attempts to produce beverages through the processing of grains, they achieved the concoction that we know today as beer. ¡Cheers!

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