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Psychic Farath Coronel is shot in Mexico

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  • A psychic receives a cold welcome in Mexico City.
  • Farath Coronel is going through the worst time of his life.
  • The psychic was attacked after his arrival in Mexico City.

Without a doubt, no one is exempt from going through moments of distress and terror, as violence seems to be getting worse every day. Recently it became known that a renowned psychic’s life was in danger.

There have been several violent acts that have been reported both nationally and internationally. This situation is no exception. According to TV y Notas, the incident took place in Mexico City.

Psychic is attacked in Mexico City

Seer attacked by bullets Mexico

Photo: Facebook

According to the outlet, psychic Farath Coronel had a terrifying experience in Mexico City recently. It all happened when two people who were in a car blocked his way and started shooting at him.

The psychic was driving along the Viaduct when the terrible incident occurred. Tv y Notas says that fortunately he was not hurt and no one else was hurt or killed. The wave of violence is growing, devastating everyone, including people in show business. Filed Under: Psychic shot Mexico

Farath Coronel managed to film the attack

Seer attacked by bullets Mexico

Photo: Facebook

On this occasion, it was the psychic Farath Coronel, who in a matter of seconds found himself in a terrifying situation after two men in a vehicle blocked his path on the Viaduct and pulled out a gun.

During the unexpected attack, the psychic, in a vehicle accompanied by the rest of his team, including his manager and his security staff. At that exact moment Farath Coronel was broadcasting live. Filed Under: Psychic shot Mexico

Farath Coronel was on his way to the Exa facilities when armed individuals shot at his vehicle

Seer attacked by bullets Mexico

Photo: Facebook

The psychic did a Facebook Live while he was going to the Exa Tv facilities. He was talking to his loyal followers about a project that he is doing with the influencer Mona, among others. That’s when a siren began to be heard, at which point Farath paused and remained silent, but his face showed astonishment and fear.

The same live was shared through his official Instagram account. After his short pause, the psychic closed his eyes as if something was coming at him. After that a first shot was heard and in a matter of seconds three other shots rang out, then the transmission is cut off. Filed Under: Psychic shot Mexico

Fortunately, there were no injuries

Fortunately, there were no injuries or human losses.

Photo: Facebook

Due to the great concern on the part of his faithful followers, the psychic posted on Facebook that he and his team were fine. “I’m already home, I’m okay my people, we are going to start working only with my godchildren,” shared Farath Coronel.

It should be noted that Tv y Notas said that everyone was safe thanks to the driver. According to the outlet, one of the psychic‘s security team, has a permit to carry weapons and he was able to defend them from the attack. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE Filed Under: Psychic shot Mexico

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