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Drinksgiving: 10 cocktails to kick off the holiday season

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Do you know about Drinksgiving? Get ready to celebrate on November 24! This holiday takes place the night before Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Eve, in the United States and is intended to commemorate the historical legacy of alcoholic beverages. On this day, bars are filled with people thanks to the many discounts and promotions. If you still don’t know which cocktail to order, here are 10 options to start your parties with the most incredible drinks!

Mojito Cubano

The mojito is one of the most popular cocktails, not only on Drinksgiving, but throughout the year, thanks to the delicacy of its flavor and the freshness of its main ingredients. This drink is made from mint leaves, lemon, sugar, white rum and mineral water, and is usually served with ice to give an even more refreshing touch to your drink.

A margarita is a must-have drink

A margarita drink

Who Said Tequila? If you are a lover of this Mexican drink, you will not want to miss a concoction that has become one of the favorites of anyone who enjoys a good cocktail. The Margarita is usually prepared with approximately 5 ml of tequila, triple dry liqueur, which can be Cointreau or Grand Marnier, a touch of salt and ice to taste, served in a glass.


The drink par excellence of Spain, sangria is a refreshing beverage that can be prepared for practically any place and occasion, quickly and easily. To whip up sangria, you need red wine, mineral water, lemon juice, orange juice and some slices of the latter citrus; Some recipes even replace mineral water with lemon-flavored soda.

Mai Tai is one of those magical drinks

Image of two glasses with Mai Tai drink

Celebrate the Drinksgiving with an exotic cocktail that’s a little out of the ordinary. With its combination of ingredients it creates a unique experience for your palate so order it at your favorite bar! Delight in the mix of ingredients such as rum, cranberry juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, triple sec and a garnish of cherries and orange slices.

Long Island Iced Tea

This drink integrates ingredients such as white rum, vodka, tequila, gin, triple dry liquor, lemon juice and cola, to name a few. It is served in a thin glass or tall glass. It is a somewhat loaded cocktail that is complemented with a little extra ice to give a greater sensation of freshness, in addition to being adorened with lemon or orange slices.

You can not forget the Cosmopolitan

Image of the Cosmopolitan drink

Although no one knows where the recipe for this drink originated, its popularity has been increasing since the 80s and 90s, as a sophisticated beverage. If you try this cocktail on Drinskgiving, you will be enjoying a drink made with vodka, triple sec liqueur, cranberry juice, lemon juice, with a decoration of orange or lemon slices.

Vodka Martini

When you celebrate Drinksgiving, do not forget to order a Vodka Martini, the cocktail that is already one of the most requested in the world. Enjoy a combination that will make you discover a new world of flavors. This cocktail can even be prepared in the comfort of your home, and its recipe usually calls for approximately 75 milliliters of vodka, 15 milliliters of dry vermouth and green olives.



Perhaps for some, the michelada does not strictly qualify as a cocktail, but it is a popular favorite in all bars. Especially with those who like to drink a good beer from time to time. The base of a refreshing michelada is beer, chili powder, salt, Tabasco sauce, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, ice and lemon slices as garnish.

Cranberry & Vodka

This cocktail is very simple to prepare, yet it’s one of the most requested thanks to the freshness of its ingredients and the delicate flavor provided by cranberry juice combined with vodka. If you want to prepare it at home, the experts recommend you use approximately 30 ml of vodka, with 150 milliliters of cranberry juice and ice to taste.

Strawberry daiquiri


The daiquiri is a very versatile drink, to whose base you can add syrup of different flavors, as well as chopped fruit to give a more original and fresh touch to the drink. The daiquiri is usually a drink frappe. In the case of the strawberry-flavored cocktail, it is recommended to use a measure of white rum or vodka and a cup of chopped strawberries plus the juice of two lemons.

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