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15 Latin-inspired meals for Hanukkah

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The arrival of Hanukkah is is here, and the Latin flavor will be more present in meals than ever in every home. With these 15 Latin-inspired ideas, you will delight all your guests, while discovering how easy it is to create combinations of flavors, textures and aromas capable of transporting you back to your favorite childhood memories.

Roasted sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are easy to find, affordable and packed with essential nutrients to create healthy dishes that feed the whole family. Prepare this recipe by cutting the sweet potato into cubes and season with garlic, spices, and lemon juice. Bake on a tray for a few minutes to get the desired consistency.

Yuca puree

15 Latin-inspired meals for Hanukkah

Mashed potatoes is one of those side dishes that can never be missing from the table, whether on Thanksgiving or at Christmas. It is a very easy to prepare, as well as being one of the favorites of all diners. For this recipe, you will need to replace the potato with yucca, a fruit native to South America whose flavor resembles that of the potato, and season with butter, salt and garlic to taste.

Banana puree

Banana puree is another popular dish in Latin American countries, as it is an easy-to-find fruit capable of feeding whole families in a healthy and creative way. To prepare you will need to boil six ripe bananas, two cups of water, two cups of milk, butter, garlic, onion, achiote and cumin to taste. Just add the mashed boiled bananas to the mixture and enjoy.

Pumpkin arepas

15 Latin-inspired meals for Hanukkah

Arepas are a very popular in South America and their popularity has continued to rise thanks to their flavor, texture and the nutrients that are obtained from them. At your parties, don’t forget to prepare some delicious pumpkin arepas. You will need P.A.N. flour, water, pumpkin puree and butter, in addition to the seasonings according to your taste.

Rice with pigeon peas

Arroz con gandules is a typical recipe from Puerto Rico, which aims to put a nutritious food on the table for families on a budget. As the name implies, this side dish includes two cups of rice, 16 ounces of gandules or peas, a cup of tomato sauce and a sachet of annatto seasoning.



Empanadas are a highly nutritious and yielding food, capable of feeding large families with endless combinations such as: ground meat, beef, vegetables and even beans or cheese. To prepare them, you need wheat or all-purpose flour, water or milk, egg, butter and the filling of your choice. The empanadas can be baked or fried, depending on the taste of each person.

Sweet tamales

Sweet tamales are a tradition in several countries in Central and South America, and are usually prepared with a mixture of dough and ingredients such as raisins or cinnamon. The combinations are limitless! Sweet tamales can also be combined with a preparation of traditional tamales, which have a filling of pork, chicken, turkey or mole, among others.

Poblano rice recipe

15 Latin-inspired meals for Hanukkah

Rice is one of the most popular and filling foods in Latin America. Its multiple variations are able to satisfy any palate and provide a feeling of fullness. Poblano rice mixes ingredients such as poblano peppers, corn kernels, onion, garlic, spices, and there are even those who add a touch of cream and cheese to create a sweeter combination.

Pork rind

The pork rind is a highly popular food in regions of Central and South America, thanks to the accessibility to this type of meat and the low costs associated with it. To prepare it, you will need two pounds of pork belly seasoned to taste, which you will fry in a cup of oil and serve with the complement of your choice, which can be, for example, a green tomato sauce.

Chipotle Succotash


Not all recipes typical of Latin America include meat. In fact, you can take on the task of preparing friendly dishes for vegetarians or vegans, such as succotash. This is a typical staple of Native Americans. It includes corn kernels, poblano pepper, onion, bell peppers, garlic, chipotle pepper (optional) and a touch of coriander or basil.

Jalapeño Poppers

Jalapeño poppers will be one of your guests’ favorite appetizers at Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s slightly spicy flavor, mixed with the salty touch of the cheese balances the sensations on the palate. Remove the seeds from the peppers, fill them with cream cheese and spread them with a mixture of breadcrumbs, egg and flour. The result will surprise you!

Roasted corn

15 Latin-inspired meals for Hanukkah

A food that cannot be missing from your table during the celebrations of Thanksgiving and Christmas will be elotes (roasted corn). They are an ideal complement to accompany your main dish. Before roasting them, you can add a mixture of butter with garlic or fine herbs to give them an unbeatable color and texture. You will be surprised by the result and spoil your whole family.

Rice pudding

Rice, in all its presentations, is present in the traditions of Latin America. In regions like Mexico this food is usually prepared with a mixture of milk that results in a very healthy dessert. To prepare it you need ingredients such as: evaporated milk, condensed milk, cow’s milk, rice, cinnamon powder, raisins and water, which results in a sweet and creamy mixture that people will love.


Pastelón cooked with the help of a recipe

Banana lasagna is a thing? Do not miss the opportunity to prepare this dish! You will need ground chicken, beef or turkey, tomato sauce, ripe bananas, eggs, milk, salt, oil and cheese. First, you must prepare the bananas, and then mix the layers with the preparation of ground meat or minced meat and the cheese of your choice.


Like fritters, churros represent a simple and inexpensive option to add a sweet touch to your Hanukkah dinner, even in a healthy way, by being baked instead of fried, if you wish. Churros generally are made with all-purpose flour or wheat flour, water, salt, and powdered sugar after frying or baking.

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