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What will happen in 2023? Vieira Vidente shares her predictions

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  • Vieira Vidente shares a revealing video.
  • The renowned psychic shares her predictions for 2023.
  • Will there be problems with the economy? More hurricanes and earthquakes?

“Now we just have to pray.” A few days before the end of the year, which has been marked by events of all kinds, from the war between Russia and Ukraine to natural phenomena that have struck different parts of the world, renowned psychic Vieira Vidente shares her predictions for 2023 and the outlook is not encouraging.

After greeting her fans, the psychic reminded them that she previously made a video, available on her official YouTube channel, where she shared her revelations for the first six months of next year. Now she makes it clear that these revelations will be for all of 2023. Pay attention…

Vieira Vidente and her predictions for 2023

Vieira Vidente and his predictions for 2023
Photo YouTube Scallop Seer

“The cards are telling me that we have to prepare ourselves with a worldwide prayer chain. I’m not talking about just one country. We have to dedicate ourselves to praying, with the candles lit and the Bible. This cards tells me that something is coming: hurricanes are coming, I see a lot of water, so we have to pray a lot,” said Vieira Vidente.

Next, the psychic said that her prayers are with the people of Puerto Rico, as well as from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Panama, because she visualizes that “something very powerful” is coming. “Besides, I see tremors. I am not saying that a single tremor is coming, nor two tremors, I see that for the whole year there will be more than three tremors in different countries.” (Filed as: Vieira Vidente shares her predictions for 2023)

“A new rebirth is coming”

"a new rebirth is coming"
Photo YouTube Scallop Seer

Now, Vieira Vidente commented that, as the saying goes, ‘after the storm comes the calm’. “Twenty twenty-three will be a very powerful year and not only for the economy. Many of us, even politicians, will feel alone. They will even hold hands to pray for the situation we are going through and they feel that it is about to get out of control.”

“A woman who has been in power is going to give us a lot to talk about in 2023… I see that two or three politicians will turn their backs on many of us… Gasoline will be through the skies… I see more than two planes that will fall… I see volcanoes that wake up, I see lava, they are going to erupt, I am seeing more than two volcanoes,” commented the psychic, who would had more to share.

Are new Covid variants? Vieira Vidente clears up doubts

Are new variants of Covid coming? Vieira Vidente clears up doubts
Photo YouTube Scallop Seer

About to finish with this video, which provoked all kinds of reactions, Vieira Vidente assured that new Covid variants will come next year, which is why many of us will fall ill. “My ancestors are telling me that ‘the air’ will have a problem. Twenty twenty-three will be a year in which many will fall and in the end they will get up. Something is coming and it has to do with the air.”

“Many hurricanes, a lot of water, is what I see… Also, I see more than three hurricanes worldwide and one of them is going to touch a country that we love very much… Many people from show business will leave us. I see death not only in Mexico. Here I see more than three deaths, two men and two women who have not been feeling well in 2020, 2021 and 2022, and in 2023 they will leave us,” revealed Vieira Vidente.

“Puerto Rico will have a new ‘blackout'”

"Puerto Rico will have a new 'blackout'"says Mhoni Vidente
Photo YouTube Scallop Seer

Lastly, Vieira Vidente sent her prayers to the residents of Argentina, Chile, Panama, Peru and Colombia, although the worst news would be for Puerto Rico, as she envisions a new “blackout”. “They are going to be hit hard this year, very strong winds, my prayers for them. I ask for your help to make our prayers stronger.”

“In the United States there will also be rains. Important people from the artistic world are also leaving us, I see someone committing suicide… For Mexico and the United States, 2023 will be a powerful and key year in terms of deaths, of people who leave us. I see many changes in politics,” concluded the renowned psychic in this video available on her official YouTube channel. (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE)

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