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Former Disney star, Orlando Brown arrested for domestic violence (PHOTOS)

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  • Orlando Brown is arrested again.
  • Brown is known for appearing on That’s So Raven.
  • The actor has been involved with drugs for years.

Orlando Brown was arrested Thursday in Ohio on a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. The 35-year-old was taken into custody in Lima after police received a call about a fight in progress. Brown was threatening another man with a knife and a hammer inside the victim’s home.

The former television star was arrested after an altercation with a man named Matthew Sanders. The relationship between the two is not entirely clear, according to TMZ.

This is not the first time Orlando Brown has been arrested

This is not the first time Orlando Brown has been arrested
PHOTO Twitter

Since 2011, the former actor has been in trouble with the law for a variety of crimes. In 2011 and 2013 he was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence. Meanwhile, in 2016 he was arrested for allegedly hitting his girlfriend in the parking lot of a police station.

Then, in 2018, he was arrested three times, one in January over a family disturbance. Brown had a heated discussion with his girlfriend and mother-in-law. In June he was be arrested for drug possession. Finally, in September he was arrested in Las Vegas for robbery.

Orlando Brown and his problems in 2018

Brown admitted to having drug problems in 2018

In addition to the multiple arrests in 2018, Brown had other public issues. That same year he revealed that he had gotten a tattoo covering his neck and chest of the face of his former costar Raven Symoné.

He also appeared on The Dr. Phil Show, where he admitted to having a drug problem, as well as admitting to using before going on the show. After the show ended, Brown was admitted to a rehabilitation center.

Raven’s House

Brown was conspicuous by his absence in the spin off of "it's so Raven"
PHOTO Instagram

Like many shows, Disney Channel tried appealing to nostalgia by launching a spin-off of the series It’s so Raven, called Raven’s House, that follows Raven’s adult life, where we meet her children and she is seen with her friend Chelsea played by Annelise van der Pool.

However, Orlando Brown was conspicuously absent from the 2017 show, since due to his problems with the law, the television station refrained asking him to participate. After the incidents that occurred in 2018, his appearance was ruled out.

Brown is accused of domestic violence

The former actor was arrested this Thursday and his bail was set on Friday
PHOTO Twitter

According to TMZ, Matthew Sanders allegedly reported to the police that he allowed Brown to live in a house that was being renovated, because the former actor was homeless. Sanders reportedly told police that Brown began acting «crazy» at the house, accusing him of raping his wife and trying to attack him with a broken knife blade and hammer, however he never actually used the weapons.

Brown initially had a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence, however by Friday, according to police, this was changed to a misdemeanor aggravated threat. He is currently being held at the Allen County Jail on $25,000 bail.

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