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What happened to Francisco Fourcade? What we know about his brutal murder

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  • Francisco Fourcade was a popular narcocorrido singer.
  • There has been much speculation about his 2019 murder.
  • What happened to the singer?

Regional Mexican singer Francisco Fourcade died in 2019 and his murder impacted social media, where the young man was extremely popular. According to the reports at that time, the 24-year-old Mexican was shot to death.

It was believed that the singer was murdered in cold blood while traveling in his car. Before he was killed, Francisco Fourcade had several incidents that hinted at his death and he spoke about them on social media, thanking his fans for their concern and not knowing what was about to happen to him.


Photo: Instagram

On February 4, 2019, death surprised regional Mexican singer, Francisco Fourcade at just 24 years old. According to local media reports at the time, the car he was traveling in was attacked in a drive-by shooting.

According to infobae, Francisco’s body was found in a canal in the city of Guaymas, in Sonora. The incident occurred during the night and little was revealed about what exactly happened.

Was there an autopsy?

Was there an autopsy?
Photo: Twitter

The singer’s family did not make any statements regarding an autopsy and the official cause of death of the narcocorrido singer is unknown. However, it was revealed that he was not the one driving at the time of the attack, it was another man, identified as Diego Valencia, who was also killed, according to Bandamax.

Hours after identifying Valencia, the police found Fourcade’s body near a canal. A third man survived the attack. It is still unknown who shot Fourcade and Valencia.

How was Fourcade found?

Autopsy Francisco Fourcade: How was Fourcade found?
Photo: Instagram

According to Univisión, after the attack occurred, two young men ran out of a Chevrolet Beat. One of them was the singer who was wearing shorts, a black T-shirt and tennis shoes. The outlet also reported that Fourcade was found lifeless with several bullet wounds.

“At the crime scene, around 32 9 mm and .40 caliber shell casings were found, which were seized,” the Sonora Attorney General’s Office reported, according to Univision. Family and friends identified the singer’s body. Filed Under: Francisco Fourcade murder

Did Francisco Fourcade sense his death?

Autopsy Francisco Fourcade: Did you present his death?
Photo: Instagram

A month before he died, Francisco Fourcade clarified a note on social media, which curiously indicated that he had been shot to death. In the post he explained that he “did not want more notes” and that he was working hard to get ahead with his music, just as he never needed drug traffickers to be famous.

“I don’t want any more notes. I have worked so hard and struggled to achieve the little that I have achieved in my career. I come from below. Nothing and no one has given me anything. What I have harvested was with my own hands. By myself, I have come forward… I do not deal with drug traffickers or mafias so that my music makes noise,” Francisco Fourcade declared on Instagram, before his murder, according to infobae. Filed Under: Francisco Fourcade murder

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