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Was Andrea Meza fired from ‘Hoy Día’ like Adamari López?

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  • Was Andrea Meza fired from Hoy Día?
  • The reason she’s been absent from the show is revealed.
  • Is she following in the footsteps of Adamari López?

Was Andrea Meza fired from Hoy Día? Telemundo has made some drastic changes on various programs lately, especially on the popular morning show Hoy Día.

Fans of the show are still upset that Adamari López was let go since she was one of their most popular hosts. Now, it is feared that Hoy Día is going through even more changes.

Was Andrea Meza fired from Hoy Día?

Andrea Meza Today
Photo: Instagram

Andrea Meza’s absence from the show has sparked questions and raised suspicion that she has been replaced. Now we find out what’s really going on.

Over the last year, Andrea Meza has become one of the biggest celebrities on Telemundo, as she not only appears on the network’s morning show, but we have also seen her alongside Carlos Adyan and Aleyda Ortiz in En Casa con Telemundo.

She’s hasn’t been on the show in over a week

Andrea Meza Today
Photo: Instagram

For more than a week, the Mexican host has been absent from Hoy Día and En Casa con Telemundo. Paty Navidad, the second finalist of the third season of La Casa de los Famosos, has appeared in her place.

It turns out that Andrea Meza has not been fired from Telemundo, instead the former beauty queen is enjoying a well-deserved vacation with her boyfriend, popular influencer Ryan Proctor.

Andrea Meza revealed why she hasn’t been on TV

Andrea Meza Today
Photo: Instagram

Andrea Meza posted several photos on Instagram showing what a great time she’s having with her boyfriend on vacation. They are visiting the British Virgin Islands.

«I went on vacation,» she wrote in the first post she shared on Instagram. She shared another one where she noted: «Back in this place full of magic.» She also celebrated: «2 years with this handsome man.»

Andrea Meza is enjoying a well-deserved vacation

He is enjoying a well-deserved vacation.
Photo: Instagram

Andrea Meza is still on Hoy Día, she is simply enjoying a vacation with the love of her life and creating memories with him. Several of her colleagues even reacted to her posts.

«How nice,» commented Aleyda Ortiz. «How fun!!» said Myrka Dellanos. Even the Hoy Día accounted reacted with heart emojis on one of her posts.

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