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Adamari López goes after Andrea Meza for defending Piqué’s girlfriend (VIDEO)

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  • The host holds nothing back.
  • Piqué and Clara Chía are in a controversial relationship.
  • Adamari López did not tolerate the comments.

The hosts of Hoy Día had their first confrontation on the air and people were quick to comment. Adamari López reprimanded Andrea Meza for defending Piqué’s girlfriend.

A fragment of a heated conversation between former Miss Universe Andrea Meza and the Puerto Rican presenter is all over social media. Most surprising, was what started the spat.

Adamari López slams Andrea Meza for defending Piqué’s girlfriend

Adamari López goes over Andrea Meza for
PHOTO: MN Archive

According to TV Notas, the romance between former soccer player Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí has ​​been an ongoing scandal. This is because of how his relationship with Colombian singer Shakira, who is also the mother of his children Sasha and Milán, ended.

As time goes by, media continues to talk about the affair, including the television program Hoy Día, where Adamari López and Andrea Meza got into a heated exchange over it.

«Clara Chía is not to blame for anything, he is the slimy one»

Andrea Meza: "Clara Chía is not to blame for anything, he is the slimy one"
PHOTO: Tiktok Capture

Infobae reports that it all started when the model and host Andrea Meza interjected to share her opinion regarding all the controversy swirling around this couple and Shakira, defending Clara Chía  and pointing out that Piqué was the one who acted badly.

«Here, I honestly think that Clara Chía is not to blame for anything. He is the slimy one, he is the one who does not even know what he wants,» said the Mexican host. Andrea made these statements alluding to the fact that if the Spaniard had already ended his relationship with the singer, it would also be easy for him to break up with his current girlfriend.

Adamari responded: «She knew he was in a relationship»

The Puerto Rican said: "She knew she was in a relationship."
PHOTO: Tiktok Capture

Several of her cohosts wanted to react to these comments by Meza, but it was Adamari who raised her voice above the others, showing her annoyance and that she did not agree with her co-host. «She knew that he was in a relationship, she could refused to go out with him instead of agreeing to go out with a man who has a 12-year relationship with another woman,» said the actress.

People en Español highlights that Adamari’s argument, however, did not convince Meza and she replied: “No, no, no, who was the one who broke the relationship? Here we are telling the man, ‘No, you’re fine, calm down, if they flirt with you, then no way,'» she commented.

Enmity on the show?

Enmity in 'Today'?
PHOTO: MN Archive

Adamari continued: “I am not saying that he is fine. But neither is she. She is a woman who enters a relationship knowing that he is in a relationship with another. No, she is not a husband-stealer but she is wrong. She is a woman who has no principles either,” she concluded according to the video fragment.

The heated discussion gave rise to rumors of an enmity or a bad work environment after several new hosts including Penelope Menchaca, joined the popular Telemundo show, Hoy Día. Click here to see how Adamari López reprimands Andrea Meza for defending Piqué’s girlfriend.

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