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‘Amigos x Siempre’ actor Mickey Santana linked to woman’s disappearance in 2022

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  • Amigos x Siempre actor Mickey Santana linked to woman’s disappearance.
  • Ana Victoria Ruiz Palacios went missing in 2022.
  • She was going to visit Santana.

Mickey Santana linked to disappearance of Ana Victoria Ruiz Palacios. Ana Victoria Ruiz Palacios disappeared in Mexico in 2022. Now the actor from Televisa’s Amigos x Siempre is implicated in the case. More information about former child star Miguel Santana Arellano’s, better known as Mickey Santana, involvement has emerged in recent hours.

Santana was also accused of being involved in a human trafficking network, mainly due to the disappearance of Ana Victoria, who was his girlfriend and who was last seen with him in April 2022 in Mexico City.

Amigos x Siempre actor Mickey Santana linked to woman’s disappearance

Actor of 'Friends x Always' involved in the disappearance of a woman

The case began to gain more attention after the woman’s daughter met Danna Paola at a concert she was giving and told her that her mother was missing. Host Addis Tuñón shared information about the case on Instagram.

“I want to ask you to spread the word. Today on De Primera Mano we are going to present a very important exclusive that could happen to you, me, or any of our family, which involves a viral video,” she began.

Ana Victoria Ruiz Palacios had flown to meet Mickey Santana

Mickey Santana is accused of crime

She thanked Danna Paola for bringing attention to the case: “To a very dear artist, very committed to whom we thank right now. It was because of her sensitivity that this went viral and thanks to her the alarm went off to do the search, the investigation. Danna Paola, thank you.»

Ana Victoria’s parents said in an interview that they lost contact with her after she met Mickey Santana at the Mexico City International Airport. Then they said they received messages from her but they didn’t think she wrote them, according to SDP News.

A toxic relationship

a toxic relationship

Ana’s mother declared that days before, «Miguel asked her not to tell anyone that she was going to Mexico City to see him. He told her to only inform say that she was visiting friends.» She added that their relationship was very toxic.

They said that the actor was very aggressive and jealous. The family’s lawyer said that he has already connected the Amigos x Siempre actor with a group involved in human trafficking in Mexico City.

Who is Mickey Santana?

Who is Mickey Santana?

Mickey Santana rose to fame starring on the successful television series Amigos x Siempre. His charismatic acting and natural charm captivated the audience, making him one of the most beloved child actors of the day. He gained popularity both in Mexico and in other countries due to the series’ success.

After Amigos x Siempre Santana continued working in soap operas, standing out in productions such as Floricienta and María Belén. His versatility as an actor and his ability to convey emotion landed him varied and challenging roles, cementing his position as an up-and-coming talent in the industry.

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