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Univision has bad news for the popular ‘Hoy’ morning show

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  • Univisión cancels Hoy in the United States.
  • Univision and Televisa are replacing it with a new show.
  • Viewers are not happy.

Univision cancels Hoy in the US! Once again, Univisión made a decision that took Hoy viewers by surprise. It’s been reported that executives have decided to replace it with a different morning show in the US. People immediately began complaining online.

The decision was revealed after Univisión and Televisa announced their merger and began changing programming. It was expected that Hoy would be a success and that it would shine in the United States.


Photo: Twitter

After being on the air for some time, Televisa announced their popular morning show Hoy will no longer be broadcast in the United States. Journalist Jacqueline Martínez, better known as Chamonic3, shared the news on Instagram.

«I’m telling you that Univisión took Hoy off the air in the United States,» sshe posted on Chamonic3. She reports it will be replaced with a Univisión show. At the moment, it is unknown if this is just a temporary decision.

What show will replace Hoy?

Hoy Univisión program comes out: What program will be in its place?
Photo: Twitter

Jacqueline Martínez says Siéntese Quien Pueda will take Hoy’s time slot. The audience will be able to enjoy the new program on the same channel and at 1 p.m. For now, viewers will be able to continue enjoying Hoy online or streaming on ViX.

«Well, instead, starting Monday, May 22 at 1:00 p.m., the program Siéntese Quien Pueda will be broadcast at that time taking its place,» said Chamonic 3. The programming in the United States changed and it is not known if it was due to low numbers or there is some external reason.

Wasn’t it popular with viewers?

Wasn't it a known broadcast?
Photo: Twitter

Chamonic3 pointed out that Siéntese Quien Pueda came from Univisión’s sister network, Unimas. The show is better known in Florida.

«It is worth mentioning for those who have never seen this program, it was broadcast by Unimas, Univision’s sister network,» Chamonic posted. After the news was reported, fans voiced their discontent online.

Univision cancels Hoy: Viewers aren’t happy with the change

Hoy Univisión program comes out: Didn't you like the change?
Photo: Twitter

Internet users commented that Hoy was the only ‘good’ program airing in the US and denounced Univision’s decision. They also said they’d never heard of Siéntese Quien Pueda and were surprised by this decision.

«Instead of broadcasting the entire program, they take it off the air.» «I didn’t even know that the program they were going to broadcast existed.» «But that program today on Univisión Miami was not broadcast, it was only in some states.»

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