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Psychic El Niño Prodigio has a surprising prediction for Adamari López

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  • Psychic El Niño Prodigio has surprising predictions for Adamari López.
  • He says the Hoy Día host is in for something new.
  • Will the beloved host find love?

Once again, El Niño Prodigio, the astrologer for People en Español, announced that he will spend time with the former host of Hoy Día. The psychic said big changes are coming for the Puerto Rican beauty and, above all, pointed out that this change will last nine months.

On several occasions, the astrologer has spoken about celebrities and some of his predictions have come true. Now Adamari López is at the center of El Niño Prodigio’s predictions. The popular actress and presenter had a year of changes since her split with Tony Costa and the unexpected dismissal from Telemundo.


Photo: Instagram

Former Hoy Día host Adamari López, could be about to undergo surprising changes, according to El Niño Prodigio. He revealed to People that she is about to experience a big new change that could last nine months. This immediately sparked pregnancy rumors.

«I see something that culminates and something begins for her in nine months,» said El Niño Prodigio in his podcast, according to People En Español. Although of course, the psychic did not specifically refer to pregnancy but the audience drew their own conclusions.

What awaits Adamari?

What awaits Adamari?
Photo: Instagram

The psychic declared that this new project will manifest over the next nine months. He indicated that it is a new project, but what type was not specified.  Adamari López remains active on social media and shares every moment with her followers.

«[Is] something that is going to manifest on that date. So if we calculate: after the nine months have passed, we will see her in a new project,» the psychic said on his podcast. Although the former Hoy Día host did not mention any new projects.

Is a new romance on the horizon?

Niño Prodigio Adamari López: Is a new romance approaching?
Photo: Instagram

According to El Niño Prodigio, Adamari is about to go on many trips and she may even find a new partner.

«In the romantic part … she is ready, at this moment, is going to get to that. She’s going to say: ‘I’m already the way I want to see myself… now I’m going to mine.’ I see many trips. [there is] Optimism, a lot of strength. She prepares for the romantic part. She is going to give herself time for it, to meet someone,»said El Niño Prodigio.

«She is a lucky girl»

Child Prodigy Adamari López: "she is a lucky girl"
Photo: Instagram

He stressed that Adamari López is very lucky and that despite adversity, she will do very well in  life. The beloved television host, continues to be happy and enjoying her life with her family and friends.

«I feel that she is going to do well, she is a girl as luck would have it, and she is undertaking something that is going to go very, very well for her. They will remember me [because she is about to] begin a stage where she will do better,» the psychic said, according to People en Español.

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