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Cuban filmmaker León Ichaso dies at 74

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  • Cuban-American filmmaker León Ichaso dies.
  • What happened?
  • His family offers details about what happened to the talented artist.

Cuban-American director and writer Leon Ichaso died last Sunday at his residence in Los Angeles at the age of 74. His sister Mari Rodríguez Ichaso confirmed he suffered a massive heart attack.

León was one of the most prominent directors in Cuba, as well as a defender of the release of political prisoners by the regime in Havana. In a message shared on social media by journalist and writer Luis de la Paz, Ichaso’s sister confirmed what «nobody could imagine.»

Cuban-American filmmaker León Ichaso dies

they say goodbye to him
PHOTO: Twitter

«A brilliant person, full of life, curiosity, a great youth of spirit and illusions for all things. He is a unique being and everyone who has met him knows it. I am devastated,» wrote the filmmaker’s sister.

Born in Havana in August 1948, Ichaso immigrated to the United States with his mother and sister, while his father stayed on the island to support the revolution, although years later he would also join the family in New York.

Ichaso’s film career

His path through the cinema
PHOTO: Twitter

Ichaso made his film debut with El Súper (1979), made with Orlando Jiménez. His long career includes Sugar Hill (1994), Azúcar Amarga (1996), Piñero (2001) and Paraíso (2009).

He also collaborated on action-thriller television series, including Miami Vice, Crime Story, and The Equalizer. His career also includes directing El Cantante (2007), a film with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez that cemented his Hollywood career.

León Ichaso’s most popular film

Filmmaker León Ichaso dies: His favorite film
PHOTO: Facebook

Azúcar Amarga is one of his Ichaso’s most famous works. The film tells the story of a young communist who believes in «the new Cuba» who is waiting for a scholarship to study aeronautical engineering in Prague.

His dreams are cut short when his brother rebels against the revolution while his father, a psychiatrist, earns more money playing the piano in a hotel for foreigners.

León Ichaso dies: Fans say goodbye

Filmmaker León Ichaso dies: They say goodbye to him
PHOTO: Facebook

According to ADN America, Ichaso died in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, May 21, due to a massive heart attack. Cuban filmmaker Carlos Díaz Lechuga also wrote: “Leon Ichaso has died. Great Cuban filmmaker. His film Azucar Amarga was one of those experiences where I was freer on the island. RIP and I accompany his family in sadness.»

Actor Oscar Torres wrote on Facebook: «Very saddened by the death of León Ichaso. I always loved chatting with him and it was an honor to finally be directed by him on Cane. Leon will be missed.»

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