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Susana Zabaleta is criticized for kicking a fan out of her concert (VIDEO)

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  • A video of Susana Zabaleta’s concert has gone viral.
  • The singer had a fan kicked out.
  • People are criticizing her on social media.

Susana Zabaleta is the star of a viral video after the singer kicked a fan out of one of her concerts. She was clearly annoyed with the fan, who she demanded be removed from the premises.

Zabaleta’s actions got many reactions from internet users who have not hesitated to give their opinions on what the singer did. While there are those who applaud her, there are others who are not at all happy with her.

Susana Zabaleta gets upset with a fan

Susana Zabaleta was upset with a fan who was in the middle of a conversation during her presentation

During her performance in the Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Festival in Sonora, Susana Zabaleta lost patience with one of the attendees. After finishing a song, Zabaleta decided to say a few words to the audience, however her speech was interrupted.

While Susana explained what her next number was about, she realized that some members of the audience were having a conversation, which infuriated the actress. Immediately, Zabaleta asked people to be silent, admitting that she was in a «very ugly mood». However her reaction surprised many people.

The singer lost patience during a concert

The singer lost patience after the audience was not silent

After the 58-year-old singer asked the people to stop talking, she continued with her speech. However, the peace did not last long, as she had to stop her speech again after she heard the audience members talking again.

«It’s just that you think you can’t hear yourself w*y, but you hear everything… We’re making silence for you. Have you already spoken? Okay, out please,” Zabaleta said in the direction of the fan who wouldn’t stop talking. Susana asked that the person be removed from the room while she returned to her position on the stage.

Susana Zabaleta kicked a fan out of her concert

Susana Zabaleta runs to a concert fan and begins to receive criticism

After Zabaleta asked that the fan who insisted on having a conversation in the middle of her concert be removed, the rest of the audience applauded. However, some netizens have disagreed with the way she reacted.

«Well, return what they paid you for your ticket.» «I would have asked for my refund because I paid for something.» «I don’t agree, you take me out but you return the money to me.» «If I put myself on his side I would think and Why am I going to leave if I paid my ticket?» «Let your ego out.» To see the video of Susana Zabaleta click HERE.

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