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Marc Anthony cries when he sees his bride Nadia Ferreira in her wedding dress (VIDEO)

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  • Marc Anthony had one of the happiest moments of his life.
  • Were his children at his wedding?
  • People don’t think the marriage will last.

This weekend Marc Anthony got married for the fourth time. He and former Miss Paraguay 2021, Nadia Ferreira, walked down the aisle. She met the singer a few months ago and fulfilled her greatest dream of going from being a fan to the wife of  JLo and Dayanara Torres’ ex. Notably, the Y Ahora Quién singer’s children weren’t there.

Could it be that the teenage sons of Marc Anthony weren’t happy their father was marrying a woman 30 years younger? The reasons why the children he shares with Dayanara Torres and Jennifer López did not accompany him at such a special moment are still unknown, but people harshly criticized the salsa singer.

Marc Anthony celebrated his fourth wedding

marc anthony cried
Instagram: The Fat and the Skinny

Although the details of the wedding were kept secret, it’s reported that Salma Hayek, Victoria and David Beckham, Maluma, Vin Diesel, Marco Antonio ‘El Buki’ Solís, Romeo Santos, Lyn Manuel Miranda, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, as well as the presidents of Paraguay and the Dominican Republic, were all in attendance.

The event took place at the Pérez Art Museum in Miami and despite all the secrecy, because details were leaked, on Monday a video showed the most moving images of the wedding where Marc Anthony is crying when he sees his bride Nadia Ferreira in her dress.

Nadia Ferreira looked spectacular

Nadia Ferreira as a princess

The images of Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira’s wedding were published exclusively by Hola magazine and the bride shared a video on Instagram showing the elegant preparations. She looks spectacular in a sheer dress with rhinestones and lace embroidery.

However, one of the most noted moments in the images was when you can see Marc Anthony crying when he sees Nadia Ferreira in her wedding dress. It provoked thousands of comments from people who say they do not believe his emotion since he did the same when he saw Dayanara Torres walk down the aisle.

Marc Anthony is criticized for crying and marrying someone who could be his daughter

Marc Anthony, does he appear with his daughter?

El Gordo y la Flaca shared the wedding video on Instagram and the thousands of critical comments flooded in: «Man falls in love like that, age is only a number, like the numbers you have in your account.» «And crying as if it were your daughter who was getting married.» «Let me remind you that when he married Dayanara he also reacted the same (crying).» «At the age of 23 I believed that I knew everything, at 50 now I know that I knew NOTHING. Poor girl.»

They pity Nadia Ferreira: «We will see how long this new marriage lasts.» «Ridiculous and crying with everyone.» «1 year and they are already separating.» «Marc cries at all his weddings.» «I wonder what an old man and a 23-year-old girl have in common?» «Marc and the Father-in-law look like they are from the same decade hahaha.»

Will the marriage last?

Friends of the salsa singer now husband of Nadia Ferreira

Given that this is Marc Anthony’s fourth marriage, people do not think it will last: «So much money lost for leave in a couple of months.» «I wish him the best but those weddings with so much drama do not last long, I hope it is different and if his disorder endures.» «he is always looking for someone to show off and they to make themselves known and fill their pockets.» «How ridiculous he looks crying.»

Envy or truth? People ‘get even’ with Marc Anthony: «The good thing is that he marries when he wants and with whom he wants and has to give them and maintain them and he even gives them the divorced so he has it clear.» «I hope it lasts and it did not end in divorce as always and too much drama to cry if he lived with her.» «My God, that man is in the purest bones, the wedding of beauty and the beast, neither more nor less.» «So much mitote to divorce in a year.” SEE THE VIDEO OF MARC ANTHONY AND NADIA FERREIRA’S WEDDING

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