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Tom Verlaine, lead singer and guitarist for Television, has died

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  • Legendary musician Tom Verlaine passed away on Saturday.
  • He was singer and guitarist for the band Television.
  • He was an iconic fixture in the 70s punk scene.

Legendary guitarist and vocalist Tom Verlaine, who was in the band Television, died on Saturday afternoon, according to Jesse Paris Smith, who did not reveal his cause of death.

Tom Verlaine was an iconic fixture in the 70s punk scene, rising to fame with the band Television. His fans remember him with great affection and offer their condolences to his family and friends.

Tom Verlaine died at the age of 73

Tom Verlaine died at the age of 73
PHOTO: Twitter

Sopitas reports that the legendary guitarist for Television, Tom Verlaine, passed away on Saturday. Patti Smith’s daughter, Jesse Paris Smith, said he had been ill for some time.

Verlaine died at the age of 73 in Manhattan, New York, where he lived. He was known for his work with the band Television, a group he played with for most of his career.

How did the Television guitarist die?

What did the guitarist die of? "TV"?
PHOTO: Twitter

Patti Smith’s daughter broke the sad news to various media outlets, however Smith did not say how exactly he died, since his family decided to keep the cause of death private at this very difficult time.

She did say he suffered from a “brief illness”, so it is expected that more details will be forthcoming. Today the world said goodbye to punk poet and thousands fondly remembered him on social media.

Verlaine’s career with Television

Verlaine's career in "TV"
PHOTO: Twitter

The Television singer and guitarist released two albums that made an enduring impact on the music industry, in addition to being acclaimed by fans and critics: Marquee Moon in 1977 and Adventure in 1978.

Television was founded in 1973 and they have a large fan base around the world, songs like Marquee Moon, See No Evil and Friction are still extremely popular on YouTube.

Verlaine’s solo career

Verlaine's solo career
PHOTO: Twitter

Television broke up in 1978, however years later they decided to reunite to perform several of their song. Tom Verlaine also pursued a solo career.

He made a total of nine solo albums and leading artists like David Bowie praised his work. As a guitarist he inspired various bands such as Interpol, Wilco and Sonic Youth. Filed Under: Tom Verlaine Television Died

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