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Pamela Anderson talks about her infamous sex tape in upcoming documentary about her life (VIDEO)

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  • Pamela Anderson opens up about reliving her sex tape scandal.
  • Pamela, a Love Story is premiering on Netflix.
  • She had to relive the trauma after the release of Pam & Tommy.

The official trailer for the new documentary about Pamela Anderson, Pamela, a Love Story, has been released. In it Anderson talks about the resurgence of the scandal surrounding the infamous sex tape with her then-husband Tommy Lee. Anderson claims she was never in control of the narrative and she hopes to tell her story now.

Interest in the sex tape surged after the release of the Hulu mini-series, Pam & Tommy, starring Lily James, Sebastian Stan and Seth Rogen. The mini-series portrays Pamela Anderson’s reaction when the sex tape of her with Tommy Lee was leaked in the mid-90’s.

How Pam & Tommy affected Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson talks about how she felt after reliving her sex tape scandal due to the series 'Pam & Tommy'
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At the beginning of February 2022, Hulu released Pam & Tommy starring Lily James, Sebastian Stan and Seth Rogen. The story portrays the romance between the actress and the musician after they met and married almost immediately. Seth Rogen plays the man who leaked the tape of Pamela and Tommy Lee.

The series generated controversy because Pamela Anderson said the creators of the mini-series never asked her for authorization. Being that it touched on a very sensitive subject for her, since it revolves around the sex tape, she wasn’t happy about it.

What happened to the Pamela Anderson sex tape?

The video of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee was the first viral video on the internet

In 1995, Rand Gauthier, a construction worker at the home of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, stole a safe as revenge after being fired and allegedly not being paid. When he managed to open the safe, he found the couple’s sex tape that would become the first viral video on the internet.

Gauthier tried to sell it to adult film companies, however no one wanted it without written authorization from Tommy or Pamela. This prompted Gauthier to start a website where he offered copies of the video for sale. Stopping the video from going viral was practically impossible, so in the late 1990s Pamela and Tommy sold the rights so that people at least had to pay to see it. However, Cort St. George, who was the last to have the rights, let them expire in 2011, claiming that the video was bad luck.

Pam & Tommy won awards

Despite not having the approval of Pamela Anderson, the mii series has the approval of the critics after receiving nominations

Despite Pamela Anderson’s public criticism of the mini-series Pam & Tommy, it was well-received by critics and garnered Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

The series won an Emmy for makeup. It was nominated for the best mini-series Golden Globe. Sebastian Stan and Lily James were nominated for best actor and best actress in a mini-series and Seth Rogan was nominated for best supporting actor in a mini-series.

Pamela Anderson opens up about the resurgence of the sex tape scandal

Pamela Anderson says she is disgusted after the resurgence of the scandal of her sex tape

On Tuesday, Netflix released the trailer for the new documentary about Pamela Anderson entitled Pamela, a Love Story, soon to be released on January 31. At the beginning of the trailer we can hear Pamela’s voice explaining how she felt after they decided to bring the events surrounding her sex tape with Tommy Lee back to life.

«I blocked that stolen video of my life in order to survive. And now that it’s all coming up again, I feel sick,» Anderson said about Pam & Tommy. To see the trailer for Pam, a Love Story click HERE.

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