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Bad Bunny makes his Instagram account private after phone scandal

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Bad Bunny Kendall Jenner
  • Bad Bunny has been harshly criticized for throwing a fan’s phone.
  • The Puerto Rican singer has gone into hiding.
  • He has made his social networks private.

The most listened to Hispanic rapper in the world, according to Spotify, has been involved in a major controversy after he threw a fan’s phone into the ocean. Bad Bunny has been criticized on social media for losing his temper that way.

Bad Bunny tried to defend himself, however, his comments garnered even more criticism on Twitter, where he posted his explanation for his actions. Even his views on streaming music platforms have dropped since the incident.

Selena has good advice!

Selena sends him a message!
PHOTO: Getty Images

An interview that Selena gave to journalist Cristina Saralegui has been released where he asks her about how she coped with her incredible fame at such a young age. In her short 23 years she had already won two Grammy Awards.

“When I don’t feel well, at the same time it’s flattering, because they don’t know about your private life, and how can you take away that little image they have of you if you treat them badly. If you treat them badly, they won’t buy the records,» the singer said about her fans.

Bad Bunny is losing fans

Lower your popularity
PHOTO: Twitter

Bad Bunny was the most listened to artist on Spotify in 2022, but he hasn’t started this year so well due to the phone controversy, which had consequences for the number of downloads he got on streaming music platforms. The whole thing was caught on camera.

The decrease in downloads occurred in the United States, with iconic songs from his latest album Un Verano sin ti which, at its launch, became the most listened to on Spotify, making the artist a star on the platform.

Is Bad Bunny going to leave social media?

Bad Bunny private account: Leave social networks
PHOTO: Twitter

On Monday, January 9, Bad Bunny’s fans noticed something strange about his official Instagram account. Since it’s been set to ‘private’, only his followers can see the content he posts.

Cerebros reported this and people immediately began to comment that the rapper is behaving like a child who can’t accept that he made a mistake when he threw away the fan’s cell phone. However, some people also criticized the fan.

Was he being childish?

Bad Bunny private account: Was it childish?
PHOTO: Twitter

The singer also changed the description of his Twitter account to: «You’re going to miss me.» «I’m already starting to miss you Bad Bunny hahaha please, who is going to miss a person as vulgar as this.” “I don’t know, but it kind of feels like hearing peace.”

«Tell him to remove his profile picture, so we know he’s sad/angry,» netizens began joking. «Well, if he retires, he would do a great favor to all the ears of every human being.» «He will be depressed when he finds out that nobody missed him.»

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