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Christian Bach’s autopsy: The actress with dazzling green eyes

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  • Christian Bach died on February 26, 2019.
  • Her family didn’t report her death until the March 1st.
  • How did actor Humberto Zurita’s wife die?

One of the most tragic deaths in Mexican show business was undoubtedly that of Argentine actress Christian Bach. The Mexican national died on February 26, 2019, although at her request, her family didn’t report her death until March 1st.

Married to fellow actor Humberto Zurita, with whom she had two children, Emiliano and Sebastián Zurita Bach, the green-eyed beauty debuted on the telenovela El amor tiene cara de mujer when she was barely 17 years old and was studying law. Due to her mother and her grandmother’s influence, who were both outstanding dancers, she decided to study dance.

How did Christian Bach die?

What did Christian Bach die of?
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According to Quién, in February 2017, two years before Christian Bach’s death, rumors began to circulate that the Argentine actress suffered from an incurable, degenerative illness in her bones. For this reason, she was forced to retire from theater and television, where she also worked as a producer.

Neither her husband, the actor Humberto Zurita, nor her sons Sebastián and Emiliano, confirmed this story, so when the actress’ death was announced they did not give any details. However, it was later learned that she had died as a result of respiratory arrest. Christian asked her husband never to reveal the disease that took her life. (Filed Under: Christian Bach Autopsy)

«There are many secrets that one takes to the grave»

"There are many secrets that one takes to the grave"
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“It is something that she decided, she made that decision in her life and she kept it and we kept it, and it will always be like that. We said what we had to say, we communicated to the people and to her fans that she had died, but you don’t have to make a circus of those things and we never wanted to do it, not even in our lives. There are many secrets that one takes to the grave and this is so,» said Humberto Zurita.

In an interview for El minuto que cambió mi destino, which was picked up by Quien, the actor revealed that it was about the cycle of life and that his wife and mother of his children was healthy and took excellent care of herself: “She was a woman who exercised a lot, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, nothing.” So what happened? (Filed Under: Christian Bach Autopsy)

Christian Bach ‘died, period’

Christian Bach 'died and period'
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Quién, reported that in the same interview Humberto Zurita revealed that when his wife Christian Bach was diagnosed with the disease that would end up taking her life, it weakened her considerably. He insisted that neither he nor his children will ever talk about this delicate subject. What he did say was surprising.

“When we found out she was sick, she said: ‘This is here, it stays here and it will always stay that way.’ It is respecting the decision that she made and the love that my children and I have for her, we are a grave. There is no more, she died, period,” said the actor who was born in Torreón, Coahuila and who today is in a loving relationship with Stephanie Salas. (Filed as: Autopsy Christian Bach).

Christian Bach withdrew from public life in 2015

Christian Bach had withdrawn from public life since 2015
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Months before Christian Bach’s unexpected death, her son Sebastián Zurita said that the Argentine actress was in good health and that, if she did not let herself be seen as before, it was because of her personal decision and that she preferred her children to shine more. Is a reality that the green-eyed beauty withdrew from public life in 2015.

Some speculated she suffered from multiple sclerosis, while others claimed that she had cancer. Also, it was said that she had a disease that prevented her from moving her hands and other parts of her body, for which she remained bedridden. In her last posts, she looked more beautiful than ever. (Filed Under: Christian Bach Autopsy)

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