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Nicky Jam’s ex-wife Angélica Cruz: Why they divorced

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  • Learn more about Nicky Jam’s ex-wife! 
  • How did the singer meet Angelica Cruz? 
  • The couple split after only 18 months of marriage.

Angélica Cruz is reggaeton singer Nicky Jam’s ex-wife. The couple was married for several years and had two children together. In February 2017, Nicky Jam and Angélica Cruz got married in a private ceremony in Medellín, Colombia. However, in August 2018, it was announced that the couple had separated and that Angélica Cruz had filed for divorce.

Since the split, Angélica Cruz has kept a low profile and has kept her personal life out of the media. For his part, Nicky Jam has continued his successful musical career and has spoken publicly about his divorce and the importance of family in his life.

Angélica Cruz: What is known about her

The divorce of Nicky Jam and Angelica Cruz

A successful real estate agent with more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, Angelica Cruz is the owner of her own real estate company specializing in luxury properties for sale and rent in the Miami area, where she moved to in 2016 to pursue her passion for property management.

In her private life, Angelica Cruz describes herself as a lover of animals, art and sports. She is also the founder and CEO of Bolthletic, a sportswear store where she flexes her muscles not only as an entrepreneur but also as an influencer, generating thousands of views on social media.

Nicky Jam’s marriage to Angélica Cruz

Nicky J.

The love story between Nicky Jam and Angelica Cruz began in 2015, when the singer found Cruz’s Instagram profile. She was working as a model in Medellín, Colombia. Nicky Jam slid into her DMs but Cruz didn’t reply at first, fearing it was a scam.

It took several weeks for the model to agree to go out with the artist but they soon began dating. A short time later, they were seen together on several red carpets. In 2017, they got married in a lavish ceremony that featured celebrity guests including Vin Diesel and J. Balvin.

Why they divorced

Divorce of Nicky J. and Cruz

Surprisingly, the marriage between Nicky Jam and Angelica Cruz only lasted 18 months. Perhaps even more surprising was the fact that Jam filed for divorce citing «irreconcilable differences» in a 16-page document that was signed before a Miami judge.

The reason for the divorce was not made public, but because of a prenup, Nicky Jam’s assets were protected. She did receive a generous alimony settlement.

Nicky Jam’s statements after his divorce

The divorce of Nicky J. and Angelica Cruz

In an interview, Nicky Jam said that the decision to divorce was not easy, but he realized that his relationship with Cruz didn’t have much of a future and that it was best to continue on their separate ways.

The divorce decree became official on August 21, 2018. The press was already suspicious because, while Nicky Jam was in Miami finalizing the sale of the house they owned together, Cruz was vacationing in Europe, far from the rumors. Currently, Cruz continues to grow in her career as a real estate agent, away from scandals and the press.

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