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Mother and son arrested for running a brothel out of a Florida home

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Madre e hijo detenidos por dirigir en conjunto un burdel en Florida
  • Mother and son are accused of running a brothel.
  • Police received a complaint they were offering 15-year-olds for sex.
  • A worker stated that she was paid based on how many used condoms she had at the end of the day.

A mother and her son are accused of running a brothel out of their home in Florida. The pair were caught by police officers who were conducting an undercover investigation after receiving complaints that they were offering minors for sex.

The Palm Beach County Hunan Trafficking Task Force carried out an investigation that revealed what was really going on in a house in South Florida. The authorities found that the house actually functioned as a brothel that offered sexual services.

Mother and son charged with running a brothel in Florida

Mother and son were accused of running a brothel in the state of Florida
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According to WPDE, a mother and her son were arrested for running a brothel together in a house in South Florida. An undercover operation by the Palm Beach Police Department revealed the operation led by 28-year-old Glin Yan Zuniga.

The investigation began after police received complaints that the pair were offering men 15-year-olds for sex. The Sheriff’s Office said that Glin Yan Zuniga had already been named as a suspect in similar situations, however he had never been arrested.

Glin Yan Zuniga ran the brothel while his mother worked the door

While the son ran the business, the mother attended
PHOTO Palm Beach Co. Sheriff’s Office

After discovering that the person in charge of the business was 28-year-old Glin Yan Zuniga, they soon found out that his 52-year-old mother, Amparo Latin Barillas, was also involved. Detectives said that his mother worked the door of the brothel collecting money.

Customers would knock on the door to be let into the house, then pay $50 and be issued a card, according to the arrest affidavit. Once the card was delivered, they chose the sex worker they wanted, handed over the card, performed sexual acts and left.

One of the workers described what it was like working in the brothel

A 25-year-old woman told authorities what it was like to work at the brothel
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One of the workers, who is barely 25 years old, spoke with the task force and explained her work day. She said that Barillas told her that she would receive a payment of $25 per client and she would have to work three days a week.

She told authorities that she handled an average of eight to 10 clients a day and was paid based on the number of used condoms she presented at the end of her shift. She also told authorities that another brothel was operating next door, which authorities believe is also owned by the mother and son duo.

Amparo and her son Glin are in custody

Amparo and Glin were arrested on charges of making money by prostitution and running a house of prostitution.
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After the investigation carried out in Lake Worth Beach, authorities arrested the mother and son for running the brothel. The authorities also discovered through bank subpoenas that the duo made regular cash deposits to their accounts, however they could not verify another source of income.

Mother and son were arrested at the beginning of January on charges of making money with prostitution and maintaining a house of prostitution. While Amparo was booked on January 12 and held with $30,000 bond, Glin was booked on January 6 and after eight hours in jail he was released on $5,000 bond, according to WPDE.

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