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Mhoni Vidente predicts death in show business: Daniel Bisogno, Alejandro Saenz… (VIDEO)

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Mhoni Vidente fin mundo
  • Alarms go off in the Mexican entertainment world.
  • Mhoni Vidente predicts death in show business.
  • She says that bad things are coming f0r various celebrities.

Mhoni Vidente predicts death in show business: Fans of various stars have been worried lately about singer Alejandro Sanz’s mental health. Days ago posted an alarming message about depression, saying that sometimes he doesn’t want to be alive.

And on the other hand, the health of Ventaneando host Daniel Bisogno is also on everyone’s lips, as various rumors are circulating that he’s not doing well. Mhoni Vidente spoke about these issues and predicted what could happen to them.

Alejandro Sanz worries fans

Mhoni Vidente predicts death in the artistic world
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Alejandro Sans has alarmed his fans on social media after saying that he is sad and tired. «I’m not well. I don’t know if this is any use, but I want to say it. I am sad and tired. In case someone else believes that you must always be a sea breeze or a firework on a summer night.»

«Just to be honest. To not enter the useless noise. I know there are people who feel this way. If it’s of any use, I feel the same,» concluded Sanz on social media. It seems he’s going through a deep depression.

Mhoni Vidente predicts death in show business

PHOTO: The Herald of Mexico

On El Heraldo de Mexico, Mhoni Vidente spoke about the delicate subject of Alejandro Sanz’s mental health: «There you realize that artists are human beings, they also get sick and have depression. You have to start putting yourself in their shoes,» she said.

However, the famous psychic also stressed that a popular star could die. And she spoke about Daniel Bisogno’s health, as it has been rumored that he’s not doing well, and soon there could be unfortunate news.

New reports on Daniel Bisogno’s health

Mhoni Vidente predicts death in the artistic world
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Publimetro reported that Bisogno was rushed to the hospital due to an issue with his esophagus, and it was reported that the actor has «varicose veins in the esophagus» which led to complications.

However, Pati Chapoy said that Daniel is out of danger. «Fortunately, our partner and friend Daniel Bisogno is out of danger, he has already gone from intensive therapy to medium therapy, he has already stood up, walked a little, he has returned,» she revealed on Ventaneando.

Los Recoditos were assaulted in Mexico City

PHOTO: Mezcalent

Over the weekend, Mexican group Los Recoditos gave a spectacular show in Guadalajara, Jalisco. However, they were assaulted while traveling to Mexico City.

Criminals attacked their vehicle. According to El Universal, no one was hurt and the band is safe.

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