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Actor Toño Mauri reveals he has COVID again

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Toño Mauri coronavirus
  • Mexican actor Toño Mauri reveals he has COVID again.
  • His fans are worried.
  • This is the third time he’s caught the deadly virus.

Mexican actor Toño Mauri’s social media followers are worried after he shared an image where he revealed that he contracted COVID again. It should be remembered that on one occasion he nearly died from the virus.

The actor shared a photo of himself lying in bed wearing a mask on Instagram. In the post, he confirms he has contracted COVID for the third time.

Toño Mauri contracts COVID for the 3rd time

Actor Toño Mauri reveals he has COVID again

Just as everything seemed to be going well for Toño Mauri, life had a big surprise ready for him. A couple of years ago the actor was on the verge of death when he contracted COVID-19 the first time. Luckily, he survived but he needed a double lung transplant.

Now it seems he’s very ill again. This would be the third time that Toño has contracted the virus, after announcing he had it for the second time a few months ago.

Toño Mauri shared the news on Instagram

Toño Mauri is infected with coronavirus


Caras México confirmed the new about the actor’s health on Instagram: «Actor Toño Mauri shares with this image that he has contracted COVID-19 again.» Immediately hundreds of users reacted to the post.

Even Toño Mauri himself commented on the post, thanking them for caring about his health: «Thank you Caras for always keeping an eye on me. Blessings.» Some fans were concerned: «God willing, everything will be fine.» «That covid has already taken its toll on him,» were some comments.

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