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Toño Mauri tests positive for Covid-19 again

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  • Toño Mauri gives bad news about his health.
  • The Mexican actor confirms that he contracted Covid-19 again.
  • People are concerned about Toño Mauri’s health.

Toño Mauri tests positive for Covid again. Show business is dealing with tragedy again as it has recently been reported that a beloved actor is going having a difficult time and suffering from health problems.

When everything seemed to be going well for Toño Mauri, life had a big surprise for him. Let us remember that the actor nearly died when he contracted Covid-19 but fortunately he survived and was able to get a double lung transplant.

Toño Mauri tests positive for Covid-19 again

Toño Mauri Covid positive
Photo: Instagram

Toño Mauri shared a photograph on Instagram that immediately sparked concern. After many cheerful posts with motivational messages, he had some very bad news.

In the photo Toño Mauri is wearing a face mask and lying in bed. In the description he shared an alarming and unexpected message, because when it seemed that things were improving for the Mexican actor, life brought him a tremendous surprise. Filed As. Toño Mauri positive Covid

The actor showed a Covid-19 test confirming suspicions

Toño Mauri Covid positive
Photo: Instagram

In the photograph, Mauri appears holding a positive Covid test. This created great concern among his followers since last year he nearly died after contracting the virus.

“Covid again!! Please don’t let your guard down!!! Do not trust!! I with my 4 vaccines and reinforcements and it gave me again. Thank GOD WHO DOESN’T LET ME GO AND IS WITH ME AT ALL TIMES!!! To my doctors, my family and friends who are looking out for me all the time!! Thank you my Carla, Carlita, Toño and Pablo for taking care of me!! I love you so much!!” Filed As. Toño Mauri positive Covid

People immediately shared messages of support

The messages of support for the Mexican actor were not long in coming.
Photo: Instagram

Once again, the beloved actor is battling Covid-19, so his loyal followers wished that he would recover quickly and be able to emerge victorious like the previous time. It is expected that the virus won’t hit him as hard this time.

“Toño, speedy recovery.” “Cheer up.” “Get well soon Toño.” “Strength champion!” “Take care of yourself, blessings.” “God in control! Praying for your health.” “Come on Toñito!!” “Blessings” “May God bring you a lot of strength.” “You are going to get out of this champion.” “God give you health.” Filed As. Toño Mauri positive Covid

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