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Controversial Mexican referee Joaquín Urrea dies at the age of 80

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Muere árbitro Joaquín Urrea
  • Controversial Mexican referee dies.
  • Joaquín Urrea passed away at the age of 80.
  • He caused a major scandal in football in the 1980s.

The world of Mexican soccer is mourning the passing of a historic personality from one of the most beautiful sports in the world. We’re talking about a controversial referee who earned the hatred of the fans for a final where he did something that many are still angry about today.

Controversial former referee Joaquín Urrea passed away on Tuesday, April 5 at the age of 80. He earned a place in Mexican soccer history but not for his outstanding performances. So far, the cause of his death has not been released.

Mexican referee Joaquín Urrea dies

Mexican referee Joaquín Urrea dies

The referee is best remembered for having whistled the final between América and Pumas in the 1984-1985 season, and since that match he was considered «The father of the América vs. Pumas rivalry». Many fans came to hate the central defender, since they believe he favored the blue team in that final.

Several social media users reacted to the Mexican referee’s death and expressed their pain at the terrible loss. Former referee Arturo Brizio Carter tweeeted: «I deeply regret the death of my dear friend Joaquín Urrea, may he rest in peace.»

A place in Mexican sports history

Referee Joaquín Urrea dies: A history of Mexico

Joaquín Urrea was a central referee and assistant in Mexican soccer and he marked a before and after in the rivalry between team América and the Pumas. This is because his controversial calls led the Eagles to be crowned in that final, according to ESPN.

Similarly, he was one of the referees and assistants chosen to whistle in the 1986 World Cup which took place in Mexico. For that reason, gained international stature, since he had experience in the World Cup. However, most soccer lovers remember him for his lousy performance in that final.

What happened in that final?

What happened in that final?

The Mexican soccer final was played in the 1984-1985 season at the Estadio La Corregidora in Querétaro, the central judge went down in history for not pointing out a hand from Alfredo Tena. Urrea ignored this action that could have changed the course of the game and thus the Eagles were crowned the winners.

This was the third game of the final that was decided on a neutral court, since in the previous ones they had had draws, one at the Azteca Stadium and another goalless draw at the Olímpico Universitario. «I regret absolutely nothing, I admit that I did make a mistake,» he said at the time.

«The author of the biggest robbery in the history of football»

" The author of the biggest robbery in football history"

On social media, fans cannot forget Joaquín’s actions in that match and reacted with comments about his controversial performance: «The author of the biggest robbery in the history of professional football in Mexico died, Joaquín Urrea,» said one netizen.

“We definitely wouldn’t want to be remembered for a bad deed leaving this world. This is how the media say goodbye to Joaquín Urrea, a controversial referee who never shook off.» «The black night of Querétaro.» «A referee from the eighties, he had a highly controversial performance in the third game of the final between Pumas and América in 1985,” were some comments.

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