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Boxer Andy Ruiz’s wife kicks him out after he confirms affair with Mayeli Alonso

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  • Boxer Andy Ruiz’s wife kicked him out of the house.
  • The boxer apparently confirmed his romance with Mayeli Alonso.
  • Julie García recorded the moment she threw out Andy Ruiz’s belongings.

Andy Ruiz’s wife kicks him out. The controversy does not stop! A few days ago, rumors began swirling that Lupillo Rivera’s ex was beginning a new romance. No one expected was that it was with one of the best-known boxers in Mexico. Apparently they took a trip together.

After a video was leaked in which they were seen arriving at CDMX together, Ruiz apparently admitted to being in a relationship with Mayeli Alonso. Now, as if that were not enough, it appears  that Andy Ruiz’s wife kicked him out.

Andy Ruiz apparently confirmed his relationship with Mayeli Alonso

Wife Andy Ruiz kicks him out
Photo: TikTok

It has been speculated that Mayeli Alonso is giving love a second chance with boxer Andy Ruiz, after several videos began circulating on  social media. It was rumored they were vacationing in San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato.

Regardless of the rumors, Mayeli has managed to grow personally and professionally after appearing on various reality shows. This makes it easier for her to court public opinion.

Andy Ruiz’s wife breaks her silence after cheating rumors

Wife Andy Ruiz kicks him out
Photo: TikTok

After videos began to circulate where it appeared Andy and Mayeli were traveling together, the boxer’s wife, Juli García made it clear that she and Andy Ruiz are still married, indicating that Mayeli is interfering in their marriage.

Through her Instagram stories, Julie García said that she has been dealing with Mayeli Alonso for a long time and revealed that Lupillo Rivera’s ex had been trying to destroy her family for a long time. «Do not be fooled, I have been battling months with this pu… getting into my family,» she said.

Andy released a statement

The Mexican boxer would have accepted his romance with Lupillo Rivera's ex
Photo: Instagram

Now, Andy Ruiz has apparently confirmed his new romance with the former Rica Famosa Latina star through a statement: «In this regard and in order to have my public and the media duly informed, I clarify that at the time I decided to open my heart again, my previous romantic relationship had already ended.»

“I want to live peacefully in this new stage of my life. All human beings deserve a new opportunity to find happiness and that is exactly what I am doing right now and I thank God for it. It should be noted in the same way that I will seek the well-being of my children and I will always respect their mothers. Thank you very much for your support and I ask you for respect at this time in my life,» the statement ended.

Andy Ruiz’s wife kicks him out

infidelity confirmed
Photo: TikTok

After this, a video was shared on Julie García’s TikTok account that lasts less than 30 seconds. It shows the wife of the Mexican boxer taking Andy Ruiz’s clothes putting them in a trash can.

At the end of the video, Julie showed three black containers plus a plastic box filled with the Mexican boxer’s belongings which she took out of the house. “Is the joke on both of them? I guess… #Narcissista #Tramposo #DejameEnPaz,” she wrote in the description.

How netizens reacted

This was the reaction of the netizens
Photo: TikTok

As expected, people immediately responded to the video and their opinions were mixed.

«Someone is going to go live saying that they are false.» «Very good!» «I admire and respect you.» «You are brave, beautiful.» «This is how things are done.» «My respects to you.» «Everyone are the same.” “Forgive him if you love him and he shows change.» «Ridiculous old woman.” “After a while she will be begging him to come back.” “Pure show.”

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