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Diego Maradona’s autopsy: The truth about the Argentine soccer player’s death is revealed (PHOTOS)

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  • The true cause of the soccer player’s death.
  • What Diego Maradona’s autopsy showed.
  • Eight hospital employees were charged with manslaughter.

Diego Maradona’s autopsy: On November 25, 2020, Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona died under mysterious circumstances. It was reported that the sports superstar died of cardiac arrest after having many health problems.

However, eight people who worked in the hospital where the soccer player died have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. We reveal all the details about his mysterious death and what his autopsy determined.

Diego Maradona’s autopsy: The health problems that the soccer player suffered days before he died

PHOTO: Getty Images

Diego Maradona’s health began to deteriorate on November 2, when he was transferred to the La Plata clinic due to a “drop in mood that affected his diet”, according to TyC Sports. However, the footballer was transferred to another hospital because he needed an emergency operation.

«Diez’s» condition was quite complicated, as he was diagnosed with a «subdural hematoma on his head». He began improving as the days went by and, on November 11, the Argentine soccer player was sent home again. Filed Under: Diego Maradona’s Autopsy

The last minutes of the soccer legend’s life and controversial photos of his corpse

Screenshot / The Herald

When it seemed as though Diego Maradona’s health was improving, the worst happened. Diego Maradona passed away almost a month after his birthday. Maradona’s last hours were described by his nephew Johnny Esposito. According to TyC sports, Maradona had been authorized to have some crumb sandwiches for dinner but the footballer never got to enjoy them because they were untouched when he was discovered dead.

It should be noted that employees of the funeral home where Maradona’s body was sent were harshly criticized because they took selfies with the soccer player’s corpse. Their lives were even threatened for doing this, according to El Heraldo. Filed Under: Diego Maradona’s Autopsy

Diego Maradona’s autopsy

The autopsy of Diego Maradona
PHOTO: Mezcalent

TyC Sports indicated that Diego Maradona’s autopsy determined that the Argentine soccer player spent 12 hours in agony. It was also reported that if he had been treated earlier, his death could have been prevented. The news of Maradona’s passing quickly went viral all over the internet, completely shocking his fans.

To date, eight people are accused of having committed «eventual intentional homicide». They had a trial, but did not spend time in prison. Telam indicated that they could have been imprisoned from 8 to 25 years for failing to adequately treat the soccer player.

Diego Maradona’s true cause of death

The autopsy of Diego Maradona
PHOTO: Getty Images

Reports indicate that Diego Maradona reached a point where his health had completely deteriorated as he had been suffering numerous health problems that went untreated.

The autopsy of the soccer champion determined that he died of acute pulmonary edema secondary to exacerbated chronic heart failure» and they discovered «dilated cardiomyopathy» in his heart, according to Telam.

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