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Daughter of Nostradamus reveals her new predictions and issues a warning (VIDEO)

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  • Daughter of Nostradamus reveals her new predictions.
  • Peruvian psychic Antonella Pilar shares what the Tarot cards predict.
  • What does the future hold?

Peruvian psychic Antonella Pilar, better known as the Daughter of Nostradamus, shares a surprising video on her official YouTube channel, where she reveals her new predictions for February.

From the beginning, the daughter of Nostradamus mentions her accurate prediction about the earthquake, which she had said would hit Turkey earlier this year. “Since last year, in November and December I also released two prediction videos and in January I released three prediction videos with my gold cards, where I visualized that Asia would have a devastating earthquake.”

Daughter of Nostradamus shares her February predictions

Daughter Nostradamus releases her February predictions

She added that she predicted the fires in Chile, which were fatal for the citizens in that country a few days ago. «I announced the fires where I speak of several countries,» she said at the beginning of the clip where she recalls some of her predictions coming true.

Then the Peruvian psychic began to reveal the predictions for Valentine’s Day. One of her first revelations was that the price of eggs is going to triple in the next few days, warning that «the egg is going to be expensive, there are going to be no eggs.»


Daughter Nostradamus predictions February: THE EARTHQUAKES CONTINUE

One of her Tarot cards fell out which she said meant bad news. “There is going to be another powerful earthquake in Asia, the force is reversed, it means that a strong earthquake is coming, definitely very strong,” said the Peruvian psychic.

She then split the deck and drew the next card which will reveal a new prediction for the next few days. «Mourning is coming for Japan and an earthquake is coming for Asia.» Then she mentioned the appearance of some ravens which indicate that it is «an apocalyptic sign, that we are close to the end of time».

Chinese spy balloon warning

Chinese balloon alert

Later, she worried her followers. «The betrayal and something new that is to come will affect the entire world, my cards tell me.» The psychic launched into a warning for humanity.

Later she spoke of the spy balloons over the United States and Canada: “Look at these cards, definitely this Chinese balloon, it was not from China, but it was made in China, but here is something behind it. My spiritual guide says that it was not to spy, there is something behind here. A new mutation is spread in the air around the globe.”

An ex-president dying and immigration changes?

Does an ex-president die and changes in migration?

Finally, she said that in recent days she has had a fairly strong vision. Then she took out the Sadness card and revealed that the death of a former president is approaching. «Here you see that the violence in a country continues.» She also touches on the issue of migration: «It’s something that they are deceiving, all of that is a lie when they tell you that there is going to be a change in the United States.»

«A positive card comes out that tells me that if there are going to be certain changes, that they will favor people, but we have to wait, because I don’t see a leader interested in making that change.»

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