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Proteo the Mexican rescue dog dies while searching for survivors in Turkey

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  • Mexico is mourning a tragic loss.
  • Brave Mexican rescue dog Proteo has died while searching for survivors in Turkey.
  • The sad loss was announced on social media

MEXICAN RESCUE DOG PROTEO DIES! The National Secretary of Defense of Mexico announced that they have lost one of the brave canine rescuers that were sent to help search for survivors in Turkey. According to their statement, the dog died while on duty.

Mexico sent Turkey its famous «Topos», rescuers who joined the daunting task of searching for survivors of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that shook the country. The Mexican brigade members have helped rescue the lucky few who are still alive under the rubble.


Photo: Twitter

After sending personnel from the Red Cross, members of the Mexican Army, medical personnel and canine rescuers to Turkey, the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) stated in a press release that Mexican rescue dog Proteo has died.

“The members of the Mexican Army and Air Force deeply regret the loss of our great companion, the dog: Proteo. You fulfilled your mission as a member of the Mexican Delegation in the search and rescue of our brothers in Turkey. Thank you for your heroic work!» said the SEDENA statement.

“Thank you for your heroic work”

Thank you for your heroic work.
Photo: TikTok

SEDENA shared a video talking about the heroic rescue work Proteo did, helping to locate those who were still alive under the rubble of buildings in Turkey. Sergeant Villeda — Proteo’s handler — expressed his sadness at the dog’s death and stressed how «strong and hardworking» he was.

“I want to tell you that I am proud of you, because you were always a strong dog, a hard-working dog, who never gave up. Now I just have to thank you… I will always remember you. All of Mexico, I hope they always remember you, never forget you. Someday we will see each other again,” said Sergeant Villeda.

“Bring him to Mexico”

bring it to mexico
Photo: TikTok

Faced with Proteo’s death, internet users have flooded social media. In the comments on the video that SEDENA shared, many say they want the canine rescuer returned to Mexico to bury him and pay tribute to him for his work in Turkey. Likewise, they highlighted their support for the soldier who appeared in the video.

“He deserves a funeral fit for a hero. And a special place is needed for these canine heroes who have given us so much pride. RIP Proteo., “Please bring him to Mexico, don’t leave him there.” “You can see that the soldier was in a lot of pain and he couldn’t wait to cry.” “Unfortunate news. We are waiting for you here to receive you with honors,” people commented.

People demand to know what happened to Proteo

Proteus dies rescue Turkey: They demand to know what happened
Photo: TikTok

Some internet users also demanded to know how Proteo died. Among the comments, they said that Proteo’s death was due to an insufficient budget designated for the care of rescue animals and some even blamed Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“We demand to know what happened to him!! If he was sick or old, he shouldn’t have gone, or if an accident happened to him due to lack of protection. What happened?» «@lopezobrador_ the puppies go without protection in their eyes, legs, poorly eaten and all thanks to the fuc… budget cut you made.» “An explanation of the causes and context of his death by him is absolutely necessary,” people said online.

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