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Ana Patricia Gámez reunites with Francisca on ‘Despierta América’ (VIDEO)

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  • Ana Patricia Gámez reunited with Francisca.
  • Are the former Despierta América cohosts no longer friends?
  • Francisca explained.

Ana Patricia Gámez returned to Univisión a few months ago and sporadically makes an appearance on Despierta América as a guest host. Most recently she reappeared on her old show and reunited with Francisca, who she is no longer friends with.

Wearing an orange outfit that even matched Francisca’s ensemble, the Mexican Ana Patricia Gámez shocked everyone by saying that she hardly sees her friend anymore and the new mother had no choice but to explain what happened between them.

Ana Patricia Gámez reappeared on Despierta América

Ana Patricia Gámez claims her former partner
Instagram: Wake Up America

Although onscreen they still had the chemistry that made them friends, off camera they were recorded for social media and one of the interactions confirmed suspicions about the relationship between Francisca and Ana Patricia Gámez. It’s clear they’re not as close as before.

El Diario NY and People en Español have reported that Ana Patricia Gámez is very sentimental because she has shed several tears on different episodes of Enamorándonos, but did she go too far with Francisca?

Francisca listens her dear friend

Francisca is reprimanded

Ana Patricia Gámez was very frank with Francisca and told her in during a Despierta América commercial break: «Here I am catching up with the mama because if I don’t come we won’t see each other…» the Mexican host said. The host from the Dominican Republic had no choice but to answer: «No, we won’t see each other.»

But Francisca tried to place all the responsibility on Ana Patricia saying: «But it’s just that she has so many businesses, so many things, and she never comes by my house anymore.» However, she never expected the Mexican to say that it was all due to her life as a wife and mother: “We don’t see each other, we don’t talk … oh yes, there is nothing else but Gennaro and Francesco,» she said.

Did Ana Patricia Gámez make it clear that she no longer has time for her friend?

Ana Patricia Gámez returned to Despierta América

The conversation continued and Francisca, in a lower tone, commented to the Mexican: «Well, but you know that at that age, they seem like they have to be entertained, you already went through that.»

«I promise you that we are going to do something together, even if it is partying…,» said Ana Patricia Gámez, who burst out laughing when Francisca told her that they should start a business together. However the Despierta América host is also focused on her personal life and taking care of her family.

Do people want to see Ana Patricia and Francisca together again on Despierta América?

Francisca faces the claims

The video was shared on Despierta América’s Instagram account and the comments were swift: «I hope you come back from where you never should have left.» «So beautiful Ana, God bless you love.” “Both beautiful.” “I like how they get along.” “Ana the one who stabs in the back.”

Life has taken the hosts down different paths, but unlike others, Ana Patricia Gámez and Francisca have known how to combine their professional lives with their friendship, which is why they record these types of videos looking so natural and without showing any issues between them. SEE THE VIDEO OF ANA PATRICIA AND FRANCISCA HERE

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