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Who is Javier Chicharito Hernández’s girlfriend?

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  • Who Chicharito Hernández dating?
  • How did Javier Hernández and Nicole McPherson meet?
  • Find out more about Chicharito’s love life!

Meet Chicharito Hernández’s girlfriend! The Mexican soccer player, who currently plays for the LA Galaxy club in Los Angeles, has had a successful career, but has also been known for his romances off the field and his controversial personal life.

For a long time, Javier Hernández was in a relationship with Spanish journalist Lucía Villalón. After their breakup, he married Sarah Kohan, who is the mother of his two children, Noah and Nala. Learn more about the player’s love life!

Javier Hernández’s ex Lucía Villalón

Who is the current couple of Chicharito Hernández?

Chicharito Hernández’s current girlfriend joins a long list of past loves of the Mexican soccer player. Though he no longer shares much about his personal life on social media, for a long time he posted details of his relationship with Lucía Villalón, the Spanish journalist who he dated for two and a half years. The couple met in 2014 when Villalón was covering Real Madrid matches, where Hernández was playing at the time.

Lucía Villalón is probably one of Chicharito’s girlfriends who has had the most influence in the press since she is a prominent journalist. In 2021 she declared that they had plans to marry in the summer, but that Hernández «was not for her» in the end. She insinuated that he had «abandoned» her while she was hospitalized with pneumonia.

Chicharito past love Sarah Kohan


Before Chicharito Hernández’s current girlfriend appeared on the scene, the Mexican had a fleeting but torrid romance with Sarah Kohan, an Australian model whom he met during his stay in a hotel in Russia. In a statement to the press, the blogger and influencer said that, despite not knowing him, she was immediately attracted to him.

The romance between Kohan and Hernández lasted less than five years. They were married and welcomed two children, Noah, born in 2019, and Nala, who came into the world in 2020. In that same year, the couple announced their separation.

Chicharito Hernández’s current girlfriend Nicole McPherson

Who is the current couple of Chicharito Hernández?

Chicharito Hernández’s current girlfriend is a 28-year-old Ecuadorian model and influencer named Nicole McPherson. The soccer player met her through social media and in December 2021 they decided to spend the Christmas holidays together in Baja California, Mexico.

Nicole McPherson is also a successful businesswoman in her native Ecuador, a fact that has boosted her career as an influencer, creating alliances with internationally renowned brands. She has been seen on some red carpets with Javier Hernández, but they seem to keep a low profile on social media.

Javier Hernández’s other loves

Camila Sodi

Before meeting his current  girlfriend, Chicharito Hernández dated celebrities like Mexican actress Camila Sodi, and Spanish actress Andrea Duro. Both relationships were very short but generated lots of press.

In recent posts, Hernández has publicly thanked McPherson for ‘being in his life’. Both personally and professionally, his life seems to have taken a positive turn leaving behind the controversies of the past.

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