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How do I know when I’m due for the Covid-19 vaccine?

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  • It is very important to be up to date on your Covid-19 vaccine.
  • The CDC has a vaccination schedule.
  • Find out when you should get your vaccines.

When is time for your vaccine? When the Covid-19 outbreak was at its peak, experts began rushing to manufacture vaccines that would effectively prevent people from being hospitalized or dying from the virus.

First, the elderly population, pregnant women and the immunocompromised were urged to get their Covid vaccines. Later, different age groups were cleared for their shots. Now everyone is eligible to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

How do I know when I’m due for the Covid vaccine?

When is the vaccine
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On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Covid-19 boosters for children under five years of age as the virus continues to mutate and spread.

You may be wondering how to know when you are due for a booster. Don’t worry, we will tell you how to find out when you are due for your  Covid booster. Filed Under: When to get Covid vaccine

Why is it important to get the vaccine?

When is the vaccine
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Advisory Committee on Vaccination Practices (ACIP) urges the public to stay up to date on their Covid-19 vaccines. They are available to everyone.

The Covid-19 vaccine can be gotten at the same time as other inoculations, such as the flu shot, but it is important to note that you may have side effects for one to two days after. The most common are a fever and a sore arm. Filed Under: When to get Covid vaccine

Children under 5 years of age should get their full doses

When is the vaccine
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The CDC recommends that everyone six months of age and older be vaccinated against Covid, which continues to spread. You are eligible for the latest booster if it has been more than two months since your last shot.

To know when to get other vaccines, you should check your vaccination record and consult the CDC website or speak with your primary care physician. Filed Under: When to get Covid vaccine

It is important to get your flu shot once a year

It is important to get the vaccine against Covid-19 and Influenza
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Usually, the age at which certain vaccines should be given to children appears on the left side of a vaccination card. It’s important to follow that schedule, especially for diseases like measles, which are highly contagious. SEE A VACCINATION SCHEDULE HERE.

Now that you know, do not hesitate to check your card and that of elderly relatives as well as children so that your whole family is protected against potentially deadly diseases. Filed Under: When to get covid vaccine

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