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Dunkin’ Donuts employees reveal what they do with leftover donuts (VIDEO)

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  • Dunkin’ Donuts employees show what they do with leftovers.
  • Their video went viral on social media.
  • Franchise employees compare their experiences.

In a TikTok video, two young Dunkin’ Donuts employees shared what is done with the leftover donuts each day. The store has a strict rule that must be followed to the letter.

The video has more than 12 million views, one million likes, and more than 13,000 comments. Lasting just six seconds, the video managed to go viral on TikTok. People can’t believe what they’re seeing and other franchise employees are sharing their experiences.

Dunkin’ Donuts employees show what they do with leftovers

Donut shop employees go viral by sharing what they do at the end of the day


TikToker Dane Korabik shared a video showing he and one of his co-workers emptying trays of donuts into the trash. The text reads: «When were required to to throw out 100$ of donuts but get fired if we eat them.»

People commented with ideas about how to take the donuts to avoid wasting so much food. However, Dane explains that it is somewhat complicated since the store has security cameras that would reveal any attempt to take the donuts at the end of their shift.

Other donut shop workers describe their experiences

Employees from other donut shop franchises talk about having different experiences

Other Dunkin’ Donuts employees commented about how it works at their stores. “I work at Dunkin and our boss actually encourages us to take home unsold donuts.” “Depends where you work, most let you take it home for free,” are some of the comments.

“It’s been a few weeks since I worked the night shift, I forgot we do this now,” is one of the comments from an employee going through the same situation. «Sounds like it’s something only your manager does according to the comment section,» another person wrote.

Other videos

There are more videos of other franchises that also discard what is not sold at the end of the day

Even though in the viral video posted by Dane Korabik, there are more positive than negative comments talking about how their managers let them keep the food that they didn’t sell at the end of the day, you can find more videos where other employees have to throw away donuts.

User Neel B shares videos of his day-to-day life on his account, including a few of his work at the donut shop. In them you can see him throwing away trays of donuts at the end of the day.

Some managers let employees take the donuts

Other users tell their experience with other food chains

Comments from other users who claim to work, or have worked, at Dunkin’ Donuts say that their managers let them eat the donuts or even take them home. There are also comments from users who work at other stores where they have to do the same thing.

“I worked at Whole Foods and we would throw away whole pizzas and rotisserie chickens, they would put a lock on the garbage can so that homeless people couldn’t eat it.” “I used to work at Panera and we did exactly the same thing, only with bagels,” are some of the comments. Watch video here.

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