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TikTok star Brandon ‘Boogie B’ Martell killed in shooting outside grocery store

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  • Comedian Brandon Martell was killed just before Christmas.
  • The TikToker, also known as ‘Boogie B’, was parked outside a grocery store.
  • «He is a victim,» said his mother.

KILLED JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS! TikTok star ‘Boogie B’ was killed in a shooting outside of a New Orleans grocery store. His mother confirmed the news and said that her son was a victim of the violence that has haunted the city for years. She explained that he was waiting for his grandmother to do her Christmas grocery shopping.

The 43-year-old American comedian became popular on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, where was known for his ‘Hood History’ bits. Fans are mourning the loss of Boogie B on social media.


Photo: Twitter

On Friday, December 23, a shooting was reported outside a New Orleans grocery that killed one person. At the time, local police did not release details about the incident, much less the identity of the person who died. Now, it has been revealed that the victim was TikToker, Brandon ‘Boogie B’ Montrell.

According to the New York Post, the New Orleans-born TikToker was caught in the crossfire of a shooting that broke out while he was waiting for his grandmother outside the store.

How was Boogie B’s death reported?

How was the death reported?
Photo: Twitter

Although the police have not confirmed the death of Brandon Montrell, his mother offered information about it in a press release, according to Fox 8. She explained that her son was a victim of the incident that occurred on Friday.

“My son was not just the victim of a stray bullet,” Sherilyn Price reported in the press release. “He’s the victim of decades of neglect that have left New Orleans’ youth with no hope for a future and with no real fear of consequences,» she continued.

«It’s about time they did their job»

"It's about time they did their job"
Photo: Twitter

Montrell’s mother calls on community and state leaders to do their jobs. In the statement, she pointed out that her son was a victim of the impunity that exists and that government leaders do not create opportunities for residents to «live in peace».

“It’s past time for leaders in our city and all over to do their jobs. It matters who the president is, who the governor is, and who the mayor is. Leaders create opportunities – including the opportunity to live in peace without fear of random violence,» Sherilyn Price added.

Did Boogie B fear for his life?

Tiktoker BoogieB dies shooting: Did he fear for his life?
Photo: Twitter

Montrell’s mother stressed that the comedian had moved from New Orleans to Washington, due to crime and insecurity in the state. Likewise, she pointed out that he wanted to become a comedian and he was achieving his dream on social media.

«When crime and violence in New Orleans became worrisome, Montrell relocated to Washington D.C. and became a comedian,» detailed the young man’s mother, according to the family’s lawyer, Juan LaFonta. After the incident, the New Orleans police stressed that «he was not the intended target», in a Tweet. Filed Under: TikToker Boogie B killed

What happened to the Boogie B?

Tiktoker BoogieB dies shooting: What happened to the comedian?
Photo: Twitter

According to the family’s lawyer, Juan LaFonta, Montrell was Christmas shopping with his grandmother when he was hit by a stray bullet, reported the New York Post. Montrell had been planning to attend a friend’s comedy show that night.

“Montrell is believed to have been buying Christmas groceries for his grandmother when he was killed, caught in the crossfire of two gunmen shooting at each other in the parking lot. He had planned to attend a friend’s comedy show at Harrah’s New Orleans on Friday night,” stated the family’s lawyer, Juan LaFonta, according to Fox 8. Filed Under: Tiktoker Boogie B killed

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