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New York Times employees go on strike for 24 hours

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  • New York Times employees went on strike for 24 hours.
  • More than a thousand journalists left their jobs for a day.
  • They demonstrated outside the New York Times building.

On Thursday, December 8, employees of the New York Times decided to carry out a 24-hour strike which included reporters, photographers, editors, among others. This was because of a disagreement over contract negotiations with the famous newspaper.

The negotiations were interrupted on Wednesday night, which led the more than a thousand dissatisfied employees to demonstrate by leaving their jobs for 24 hours, picketing outside the offices, according to the AP

New York Times employees go on strike for 24 hours

Employees go on 24-hour strike
PHOTO (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

With no staff in its offices to run the newspaper, the Times had to rely entirely on non-union and foreign staff to get its content to its millions of subscribers around the globe, according to The Associated Press.

The strike ended on Friday. They waiting for a response to the contract negotiations that have been going on for months. This is the biggest labor conflict that the newspaper has faced in 40 years. Filed Under: The New York Times goes on 24-hour strike

The union decided to carry out the 24-hour strike

Strike from The New York Times.
PHOTO (AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson)

Because the parties involved failed to reach an agreement in negotiations that were interrupted on Wednesday night, the NewsGuild of New York began a 24-hour stoppage strike, The Associated Press reported.

The workers currently have a collective contract that expired in March of last year, so the union accused the Times of dragging the situation out. The parties involved are not close to agreeing on salary issues, remote work policies and the system of performance evaluation.

Journalists go on strike outside the New York Times

Nikole Hannah-Jones on the 24 hour strike.
PHOTO (AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson)

Investigative journalist Nikole Hannah said she was not upset, but disappointed, «You shouldn’t have to struggle financially to work at a place like The New York Times no matter what your position is,» declared the Pulitzer winner, according to AP.

On the other hand, Stacy Cowley, the union’s main negotiator, spoke about how the strike left many of the writing teams empty. Members of the live newsroom, tasked with covering breaking news that is published digitally, were also on strike.

Negotiations with the New York Times is not over

The negotiation is not over.
PHOTO (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

Joe Kahn, executive editor of The New York Times, according to the story published by the same newspaper, was disappointed by the union’s decision to take things to a strike when negotiations are not at an impasse.

Meanwhile, the union argues that the company’s employees deserve better pay for being part of The New York Times’ success in the media. Filed Under: The New York Times goes on 24-hour strike

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