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USCIS is updating the naturalization test for those seeking US citizenship

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USCIS pruebas inglés ciudadanía
  • The USCIS is updating the naturalization test.
  • It is testing updates to the exam required for US citizenship.
  • They are focusing on the speaking and civics sections.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is updating the naturalization tests for immigrant applicants who want US citizenship, according to a recent statement from the agency.

The federal government, headed by President Joe Biden, announced on Wednesday that it will update the test that immigrants must pass to acquire US citizenship, particularly regarding the speaking and civics portions of the exam.


USCIS tests English citizenship
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Officials from the USCIS detailed through a statement that their experts “conducted reviews of the naturalization test and recommended redesigning the speaking and civics test to improve testing standards”.

The agency said it will seek about 1,500 people enrolled in adult education classes to test the modifications. The current test consists of four parts: reading, writing, civics and the ability to speak and understand English.


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The civics portion includes 100 questions about the history and structure of politics and government in the United States. In the oral exam, a USCIS officer asks 10 questions and the person applying for citizenship must be able to answer at least six correctly.

“The purposes of the trial are to test a civics component with updated format and content and a newly developed English-speaking component that could become standard.,” the Citizenship and Immigration Service detailed in a statement posted on its website. Filed Under: USCIS naturalization test


USCIS tests English citizenship
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A 2018 survey by the National Woodrow Wilson Foundation found that almost two-thirds of US citizens would not pass the test that foreign nationals who want to become US citizens must take.

To acquire US citizenship, a foreigner must complete five years as an immigrant with legal permanent residence, in addition to other requirements such as paying taxes and not committing any crimes. Filed Under: USCIS naturalization test.


Foreigners United States
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In the 2022 fiscal year, which ended on September 30, more than one million adults and minors became US citizens. The United States is the target country for thousands of migrants each year, especially from Central American nations as well as Mexico.

However, crossing the border is not easy, many people have lost their lives at the hands of Border Patrol agents, the desert itself or the Rio Grande, so the ‘American dream’ sometimes becomes a real nightmare. With information from Homeland Security Today and EFE.

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