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Biden administration plans program to benefit Venezuelan immigrants

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  • Bidan administration has good news for Venezuelan immigrants.
  • They consider a new humanitarian parole program for those who cross the border illegally.
  • More than 150,000 Venezuelans have been detained since October 2021.

Venezuelan humanitarian parole program. People crossing the border into the United States has become a constant problem, since hundreds of immigrants cross illegally every day looking for a better life.. This is known as the «American Dream», which the majority cannot achieve.

On Tuesday, the Biden administration has given hope to Venezuelans who come into the country illegally. They are considering a humanitarian parole program, similar to the one offered to Ukrainians this year after Russia’s invasion, according to the New York Times.

Biden administration considers humanitarian parole program for Venezuelans

Biden government considers humanitarian program for Venezuelans

The humanitarian parole program will prevent Venezuelans from being detained when they arrive in the United States without papers. It is worth mentioning that this proposal was made by two officials who are familiar with this situation.

Since October of last year, immigration authorities have detained more than 150,000 Venezuelans who were seeking a better life in the country. If approved, this would be very similar to the humanitarian program that was offered to the Ukrainians in their flight from their country due to the war.

Similar to aid to Ukrainians

Venezuelan humanitarian program: Similar to aid to Ukrainians

It should be remembered that in April of this year, the United States announced President Biden’s commitment to welcome Ukrainians who escaped Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This program calls itself «United for Ukraine» and benefits people who arrive in the country by allowing them parole for two years, according to the USCIS.

Similarly, the US government, which has not been able to repatriate the large number of Venezuelans, has been planning this aid so that immigrants can stay temporarily without any problem. For those who had already arrived, the country has helped them face deportation proceedings in immigration court. Filed Under: Venezuelan Humanitarian Program

The southwest border, the best option

The southwest border, the best option

So far they have not provided further details about this humanitarian program, nor the reasons why they are considering doing it. According to the United Nations, during the Biden administration, a large number of arrivals of undocumented immigrants have been reported as part of a migration trend.

Over the years, the best option for immigrants is to cross over the southwest border without documents, by doing so they would have the option of seeking humanitarian aid. This is because the migration routes have been reduced in the United States. Filed Under: Venezuelan Humanitarian Program

Certain conditions

Certain conditions

The good news could come as soon as possible for Venezuelans who arrive in the country, since in recent years they have faced a big problem and try to find a better life. However, this dream has been frustrated by the authorities who manage to arrest them.

According to the New York Times, most Venezuelans who are allowed to be in the United States temporarily would have certain conditions to stay. One of them is that they would have to deal with removal proceedings that could take years. Filed Under: Venezuelan Humanitarian Program

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