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New York City has good news for immigrant families in 2023

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Nueva York niños inmigrantes
  • Good news for immigrant families in New York City.
  • Mayor Adams announces a new program starting in 2023.
  • “Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed.”

On Wednesday, immigrant families in New York City received good news. Mayor Adams announced a new program to benefit children in the Big Apple starting next year.

It should be remembered that a large number of undocumented immigrants were bussed from Texas to New York earlier this year. Now, families with children will receive a benefit starting in January 2023.

New York City will help immigrant families with child care

New York will benefit families with immigrant children

New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, announced that, starting next year, there will be a new program to support children of immigrant families. Promise NYC will provide child care assistance for undocumented immigrants who live in the city.

It is worth mentioning that Mayor Adams stressed that it is the first time in the history of New York that this aid will be given to families who, due to their legal status, don’t meet the requirements for any other child care program subsidized with federal funds.

Promise NYC

New York immigrant children: New program announced

Faced with this situation, the city is investing $10 million in this new program called Promise NYC. Four community organizations have been hired to provide services because they have established trust with immigrants, Adams said.

Earlier this year, when Adams took office, he announced plans to improve access to subsidized child care for children with an irregular status and others who cannot take advantage of existing programs due to restrictive federal immigration rules. Filed Under: New York Immigrant Children

“Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed”

"Every child deserves the chance to succeed."

This initiative will be particularly beneficial for asylum seekers recently arrived in New York, since it will allow them to have the opportunity and time to find a home and stable work, while their children are safely cared for.

It is estimated that some 600 children will benefit from the program in the first six months of the initiative. “Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed, no matter where they came from, and as a city of immigrants, we know that the American dream starts here in New York City,” said the Democratic mayor. Filed Under: New York Immigrant Children

Great support for the undocumented

Great support for undocumented

In turn, he spoke about the dreams of immigrants arriving in the US: «Navigating obstacles in a new city and a new country are tough, and coupling those issues with a lack of childcare can prevent parents and families from achieving the dream they so desperately set out to achieve,” said the mayor.

According to infobae and RNN, about 30,000 immigrants have arrived in New York City since last March, most of them sent by buses from Texas by its governor Greg Abbott after they crossed the border in search of asylum in this country, the majority coming from Venezuela. Filed Under: New York Immigrant Children

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