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Triple homicide shocks Mexico: Actors Jorge and Andrés Tirado were 2 of the victims

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  • Brutal triple homicide shocks Mexico.
  • Two of the victims were actors — brothers Jorge and Andrés Tirado.
  • Their hands and feet were tied and tape was wrapped around their heads.

Mexico is shocked by a brutal triple homicide in the Roma neighborhood. Two of the victims were brothers, Jorge and Andrés Tirado. They were actors who performed in Mexico. The third victim was their uncle. All three were found in a house that was used as a warehouse and their bodies showed signs of violence.

The victims had been reported missing on December 16, when their family was unable to contact them. The young actors were identified as 34-year-old Andrés and 28-year-old Jorge Tirado, as well as 73-year-old José Luis. Several celebrities mourned their deaths and condemned the terrible crime.


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Some media has reported a fourth victim, a woman around 76 years of age. The older man was apparently the actors’ uncle, according to information provided by people close to them. All were found with their hands and feet tied, and their heads wrapped in plastic tape.

As of now, the authorities have not reported the manner in which they died. However, an investigation folder has been opened to determine the cause of death and find out who is responsible for this triple homicide that has devastated the entertainment world in Mexico.


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The actors were originally from Sinaloa. Andrés was a graduate of the Centro Universitario de Teatro, while Jorge studied music. They used to have diverse performances on various stages in Mexico City.

The Teatros Ciudad México expressed their sadness on social media: “We express our deepest condolences to family, friends and artistic community for the painful death of the young artists: actor Andrew Tirado (graduated from CUT-UNAM) and his brother, the musician Jorge Tirado, both originally from Sinaloa. Filed Under: Triple homicide Mexico


Multihomicide family actors Mexico
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Actor Eduardo España mourned the incident and tweeted: “Terrible news! I am in shock. Huge sadness that we are experiencing. My condolences to their family.” Days before he had posted about the brothers’ disappearance.

He had tweeted: “Our fellow actor Andrew Tirado and his brother Jorge Tirado are missing. Any information to the email is appreciated. We hope they are well.” Sadly, they were found dead. Filed Under: Triple homicide Mexico


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One of the most recognized personalities in Mexico, Mara Escalante, also spoke about this tragic incident. She tweeted: «Sad, outrageous news. Jorge Tirado, Andrés Tirado and their two relatives, found dead. Rest in peace. Comfort to their families.»

The authorities are looking for evidence, videos, witnesses and other information to be able to establish a motive for this crime. In addition, some media outlets claim that there are survivors. With information from La Jornada and Zocalo. Filed Under: Triple homicide Mexico

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