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Remains of missing toddler Quinton Simon found in a Georgia landfill

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  • Quinton Simon’s remains were found in a Georgia landfill.
  • The 20-month-old disappeared on October 5.
  • The boy’s mother has been charged with his murder.

QUINTON SIMON’S BODY HAS BEEN FOUND! The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed that the remains they found in a landfill in Georgia are those of 20-month-old Quinton Simon who disappeared on October 5. The authorities are investigating and have charged his mother with the toddler’s murder.

The investigation, which began in October, lasted five weeks and the authorities had not stopped looking for the child. Evidence led them to a landfill where the toddler’s remains were found after it was believed his mother placed them in a dumpster. For now, the investigation is ongoing.


Photo: Twitter

After five weeks of searching, it was revealed that Quinton Simon, was found dead in a Georgia landfill. Police believe the child’s remains were placed in a dumpster, which was emptied into the landfill.

The FBI announced in a press release that they identified the child’s remains through  DNA, according to the New York Post. After the results of the analysis were released, it was also confirmed that the search being conducted at Superior Landfill in Savannah, Georgia, was halted.

What did the FBI reveal?

What did the FBI detail?
Photo: Twitter

According to The Associated Press, the FBI confirmed on Monday that the bones found in a Georgia landfill are those of a small child who had been reported missing last month and whose mother was arrested last week on charges including murder.

The FBI used DNA analysis to confirm that the bones belonged to 20-month-old Quinton Simon, the agency said in a news release. The statement, published by the FBI, was shared on social media where they published a photograph of the child on their Twitter account.

Quinton Simon’s mother has been arrested

They find remains Quinton Simon: Did they arrest the mother?
Photo: Twitter

“FBI Atlanta has confirmed through DNA analysis that the bones found at the Superior Landfill are those of the missing 20-month-old Quinton Simon,” the FBI said in a recent press release. Likewise, they detailed that on November 28 the search in other areas of Savannah was called off.

Chatham County police said on November 21 they arrested 22-year-old Leilani Simon on charges of malice murder, concealing the death of another person, false reporting and giving false information regarding her son, the AP noted. Therefore, it is expected that more details about the investigation will be released in a short time.

An Ongoing Investigation?

Quinton Simon Remains Found: An Ongoing Investigation?
Photo: Twitter

Simon was being held at the Chatham County Jail and it was not immediately clear Monday if she had an attorney who could comment on her behalf, The Associated Press reported. At the moment, it is expected that in the coming weeks the hearing and the charges could be modified.

Leilani Simon called police on October 5 to report that her son was missing from his playpen at her home outside Savannah. After spending more than one week searching the home and the surrounding neighborhood, Hadley announced Thursday that police believed the boy was dead but continued the search. Filed Under: Quinton Simon remains found

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