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Alleged time traveler reveals apocalyptic dates for 2023

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Viajero tiempo fechas apocalípticas
  • Is the end of the world coming this year?
  • Alleged time traveler shares apocalyptic dates.
  • What will happen in 2023?

Time traveler reveals apocalyptic dates. People are constantly sharing new theories about what the end of the world will be like. Some psychics have even revealed the exact dates on which human life will supposedly end. Now, an alleged time traveler has revealed some apocalyptic dates for 2023.

A TikTok user known as Time Traveler 2023 has been sharing videos with supposed dates when never-before-seen phenomena will occur. Recently, he announced three important dates in 2023 which may mark the end of the world.

Will the world end in 2023?

The end of the world in 2023?

The dates that he has revealed are allegedly of the utmost importance for all of humanity and some fear this means the apocalypse is near. On previous occasions, he has shared clips that have terrified netizens with revelations that leave everyone speechless.

TikTok user @timetraveller2023 revealed some dates that he says are important because on those days catastrophes will occur that could mark the end of the world as we know it.

Time traveler reveals apocalyptic dates

Time Traveler Reveals Apocalyptic Dates

The TikTok user begins by saying that he comes from the year 2455. All the videos that he has been sharing are to inform the world are supposedly things he already knows because he is a time traveler.

Time Traveler 2023 has announced three dates that made all internet users tremble, as many say they could mean the end of the world. The first date is in November, when he says World War III will start.

A natural phenomenon

a natural phenomenon

Many psychics say the world will end because of a natural phenomenon. They say that the Earth will be destroyed by a powerful earthquake that will end all life on the planet and that will be Judgment Day.

The time traveler points out December 5 in his video, on that day he says an earthquake will hit all of Latin America. This strong quake will kill thousands.

A unique birth

a unique birth

Finally, he says that the first human beings mixed with primates will be born on December 22nd. This is one of the most incredible events that could happen.

Immediately, netizens began to comment on the post and many don’t believe the time traveler’s supposed predictions: «But I’m still waiting for the aliens arriving in March, what happened? Did they go on vacation to another planet?» «Venezuela and Cuba are still in socialism or what happened in the end?»

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